Monday, March 28, 2011

report 68 feel like I need to

I'm supposed to be working right now since I only have 2 week left and 5 thing to do before it's due. But I feel like I need to post a new report.

I did some changes at my goals page and add to the writing page. I may had no free time (shush you) to write but I had lots of time to think and man I have a lot of ideas in thinking/ planning stage where maybe even some will never come to life but I still love to talk about it. The super villain project have now a title. Not So Hero. I think I wrote a report already about that but I finally confirmed it by changing it in the writing page. I also have a new story that I came up with: Forbidden and My Wicked Witch Life are in the same world idea, My neighbor is a vampire is an old story that I though long time ago and that when seeing my old notes and tries to write it at the seat of my pants I decided that I can start plannign for that one too, and modified the so on logic. His a Vampire! He burst in flame at the contact of the sun! done.It's still a typical human girl fell in love with vampire boy but I twist it a bit.

fun fact. Most of those idea came form a unrelated dream. The vampire came from a dream of, me going to my neighbor house to find out that its not my best friend living there but a vampire family with a really funny gray dog. They are all punk and goth like but the only person/character I remember so clearly is one of the son, and he became my male character for that story. The family still there ( minus the dog) but they are human.

the Which story came from a really funny and cool dream. I was walking back to my parent house when two which burst in the house and destroy it, but the debris transform itself into a bigger house and held a beauty pageant for witches. And then there was this ritual to make me a sacrifice witch but I wasn't one so they had to make me a witch by signing me up for the beauty pageant. I woke up and I remember some flash color of the pageant but god I remember clearly all the witches there. The two first witches that destroy my parent house are in the story. There is twins also. Female with long dirty blond hair, dark blue eye that look like it lost life long time ago and only fallow the order of the two first witches.They are tall and strong looking but not muscly.Just the air around the twins make you feel to not mess with them cause they cam kick your ass.

World of Tjar... is more complicated. I had this story running for years. I used to tell tales about those characters and world to pass time with my friend in middle school. I was in works of writing that story down in high school but my only writing friend moved away and I lost motivation and confidence in my writing with it. She help me a lot with the world, combat and twist for those characters and when I have the chance to write that story ( in reality writing all the story about those characters and that world will bring more then 11 book combine of 200- to 250 pages, so around 75 to 90k each)I will dedicated it to her in hope she find it XD

Its really cheesy but she was one of my best friend and lost connection with her and some time I wonder if she still writes and wonder if she would let me be a beta reader for her.She was the only person where we could talk for hours about our story and characters and culture development.

and its time up, now time to actually get some work done before I stress myself more. I finally got better XD

take care everyone!


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