Saturday, July 23, 2011

Report 74

Hello I'm still alive, still writing, getting close to the big battle.
Now I know its been a long while I didn't report but really, I've been job searching for the past month. I was late to job search so I have a few chance opening to me in August so cross fingers!

nothing new for me much, my roommate and best friend moved away to Fredericton, my boyfriend is now living with me. He bought me a L shape desk XD like that he could have his desk back haha. The cat is as anoying and funny at times, I bought the DDR game for the wii and play it. It's fun XD

I've start watching Doctor Who and really I wonder why I didn't start watching it before! its like everything I love in one show how great is that! I saw the last Harry Potter movie and loved it, now I'm rereading the series in french XD cause I don't have the books in english. Most of my stuff is at home, but I'm still missing one box! I have most of my important books in there and I want it before my sister sell it in the garage sell they are planning ( mind you I did tell her I was missing a box full of books so she should know, but I don't want to take chances.)

Also yes I want to Animaritime with my friend in the begening of the month, I was cosplaying Zexion and I find it funny that our table was more popular when I was cosplaying haha, but we manage to sell everything! 72 plushies gone! I sold 4 books on 7 XD I've been very sick during the month of June ( graduating, stress does that) but now I never felt better I'm so happy.

Not only that, my mother send me and email yesterday, she can't work anymore because of medical reason and its been 2 years now ( maybe more I don't remember XD) she apply for disability pension things and I guess they accept her because she will receive a amount for the last two year that she miss and now its monthly I guess. But she will give me a part of that money to pay my bills! Student loan and credits be gone! I am sooo happy, it may not be a big amount mind you but enough to get me started since I don't have a job yet.

I still love Glee, wich still bring my boyfriend nuts but its okay, he have his headphones XD He doesn't say anything I don't say anything by his obsession with Katy Parry. So its fair haha. I still have weird and amazing dreams I write them all down in my green note book. One still scare the shit out of me.

HO HO before I leave because I find this report really dry. I made contact with the friend I lost long time ago. I find her on Facebook but she wasn't active for months so I found her DA and send he a note there. We've been talking since. She's still cool, but I was so excited that I sound like I have some kind of crush on her XD but I did mention Scott so I think its fine now. She works during the summer away from internet so we can't talk much now but still it is epic.

now back to my writing, I'm really close to an awesome scene!

take care,


PS: My soul has been taken by Tumblr.

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