Sunday, August 7, 2011

Report 75, the Tank DS have finally been put down...

I don't know if I ever said that once, but I own the very first DS, the tank I called it. I bought it when the DS light JUST came out. I had it for ... what 5-6 years now? well a long time and I told myself that the next handheld console Nintendo will come out I will replace my tank since its a long time over due. And then the 3DS came out but it was expansive and I didn't have a job ( good news about jobs will talk about that soon) so I waited.

And the wait as been done! Because of the back to school price off, the 3DS was 100 buck less! so I ask my boyfriend if he could pick it up and I would pay him back because I'm pretty sure by the time I got my first pay check it would be back to his original price.

To only been told to my friend that if I bought a 3DS before the 11 I had 20 free games because after the 11 of August they put down the prices by 130$ ( Ive paid 190$) so its a double win. I will only receive the games the 12 of August. In the same time as the Glee movie comes out!! Witch I will totally go see, with out my boyfriend I am not that mean.

Well on job news it is great! I had my final interview for Staples ( witch I squeel of HAPPINESS! :D) and now waiting for them to reach my reference to see if I'm awesome witch I am and they will call me to start working. It been 3 days, but I know that my old boss doesn't work during the week end so I will only know something by middle of this week. And tomorrow I have an Interview for Bentley. But I love Staples and Ill go to them with my eyes close, everyone told me they see me work there and be more happy working there. I love Staples, I love their merchandise and printing services.

I wonder if I get a discount on merchandise if I work there because there is a few pens I would love to have and my first draft is nearly done being written, the second draft will be on computer and when done I need to print it off for the third draft. I had a dream about the second novel of the series with Daniel and co so I can't wait to draft that one. I only have the 2/3 idea figure out there is one piece missing so I am waiting for my muse to play with things while I finish writing what he give me.

I got a new binder and place all the loose paper of that story in there like that I can start what to scratch and what to keep. I already know what to change, I know that Daniel will not know Kurt right away so I will be a whole lot of Character development for the last few scene on how they care for each other a lot. It will be totally awesome.

I did mention that I was a Writer in my Staples interview I think he was interest in that. Its really fun to be able to say I want to be a publish writer in the future.
Well I have to go now, I've said what is new.

take care!


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