Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Report 76, the job, the first draft and the HO shit I have to rewrite everything.


I did mention I had an interview with Staples in the beginning of August. I got the job, the manager called me saying that he didn't get a chance to contact my reference yet but is still hiring me. I love it, I'm getting more confident with the printing part of the job and understand the cash completely now, well sort off, I understand it as much as I can.

I work at least 4 days a week right now, its only a part time job but its great. The people I work with are amazing and fun to talk to, I don't remember half their name but its getting better, I'm only been working for two weeks now.

And also, like the title says I finish writing my first draft of the Ghost story but I have major re write to do and I will basically be re writing everything and its a good thing anyway since I be writing it on the computer this time. I am writing down, chapter description of what I want to write about, just like I did to prepare for NaNo 2010

On other news I want to the US last week end and got new books! Stephen King on Writing witch is interest and hilarious in the same time. And Wicked by Gregory Maguire I can't wait to start reading that novel, I started Stephen King first so I have to wait, I don't like to read two books at the same time I always get mix up in the stories. But like King said in his book, to be a good writer I need to read a lot and write a lot, so I read when ever I can and write in the morning. I also finish the first book of Harry Potter in french again, I restart the series in one language only XD I started to read them in french and finish in English ( 1-5 french 6-7 English) it was a bit confusing. I though I got it, but when watching the movies and read some people ( on Tumblr) comments about the novel I understood better that I miss something crucial here. I only have the series in french so I continue in French. I also can't wait for Pottermore, its going to be epic.

I also whent to see the Glee movie last night. I whent still wearing my uniform, alone. I cried when it started, I sang with the song I knew, I gleed and freak when the Warblers showed up and hold myself from screaming on the last scene when the light shows behind the warblers leaving them in their shadows, having the feeling of rock star epicness. I love it. I did sang with the Warblers. No regret.

I wasn't alone in the theater, there was a few teens, young kids and their parents. Mostly girls, I was disappointed. But I laugh when the movie was done and got back in my car, the listen to more glee music XD I'm not just a gleek, I'm a tumblr. Meaning I have more then one fandom.Glee music is a huge inspiration for me to write, I love it.

well I have to leave now, got two hours to eat and get ready before starting my shift at work,

take care!

11/11/2011-> you know it just dawn on me. In 3 month I start and finish ( hand written) a story. Amazing.

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