Monday, April 23, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Tea

Green Tea two sugar please!

Story time!

Okay so, on Sunday my family, we usually go down to have breakfest to my grand parent place, and when we're all done eating my Grand mother serves coffee or tea, and  at first I saw my oldest sister ask for a green tea, I was like whaaaat? I ask her when she started to drink tea? She said she don't remember, just something she must have pick up at the university.

Two years ago, same deal but it was my cousin! I ask her, since when you drink tea? She said, don't know, a while I guess? And she was just finish up her course at the University, so my mind, the great mind of mine, though HEY do we start drinking Tea or coffee when we go to college or University like grow up/ adult? NAAA

HA I Drink tea, green tea and really I cant tell you WHEN I started to drink it! But I can tell you... I was in college XD

My theory is that, we are so work out that students start drinking tea/ coffee to get their energy back because hey being a grow up Adult is tough. Takes a lot of your money and energy. Need caffeine to finish it.

... Funny I got super sick mental and Physically that it took me a month to get back my bearings... yet I'm going back! :D

Anyway do you ( for who drink coffee and tea) remember when you started drinking coffee or tea? Sugar? Milk? :D


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