Monday, April 9, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge - House

The House.

Hooo goody, here is the good stuff.

The House ( with capitals) is a place that I created for when I need to be in my inner self . Its a really tall, old, beat up. Its very dusty and dark, the windows are covered in planks, its like a really abandon house. When I need my time to just... recharge or find a solution to something I go there, the keys is around my neck, I open the door, and  it can ether be in two form.

The first one, is just like the beat up house of two floors, it open and I see the stairs on the left, a corridor on the right, a open door which open to the dining room, where a HUGE PINK ( like a highlighter!) round table. Which I will talk on later about this table, its legendary.

Anyway, if I want some insight I usually end up in this place where I can sit down at the table and wait for my council for the verdict.

the other one, it grow, still two floor, but the first floor is at least two meters high, there is two stairs each side circling around to the second floor, where its rows and rows full of doors, rooms and classes. In the middle of the two stairs is a huge double doors, on the right is a open door way that leads to the dining room again, and the HUGE TABLE is still there, but the difference between those two ( except of the hugeness) the second one is clean, royal, I always feel like I'm important and that I have power.

When I want to have control, or am losing control I go THERE. There, is where all my stories,all my characters ( stuck in one time line) live and work. This is where I wind down and have fun with my friends form a childhood, I grew up with all those stories in my head.  I always kept them in me for so long that now just being able to freely telling them, and not sound like a weirdo ( much) is much fun. I love it. I have a lot of stories, in just one place, one world, its incredible to be able to remember them and try to tell them without, you know, 100k word novel XD Just talking about the characters is so much fun.

anyway, The House, is a great place that I made up for me to organize everything, I see the mansion more lately then the beat up house, but I do have to go to the beat up house at time, just... once every 6 months instead of once every month XD

I'll do some sketch of it, I think I do actually so I will post that up some day, for now, that's what I wanted to say about The House. My inner place



  1. Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z challenge. Lovely post...good luck with the challenge.

    Donna L Martin

  2. Hello Stefh are Maura.
    We'll meet by chance and now I follow you.
    He caught my eye the beautiful photos of the cat, whom I love very much.
    Hello and see you soon!