Saturday, April 7, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge - Ghosts/Genito

two things in this post also because I CAN'T DECIDED!

Genito first. I have no idea how he came to me. At all. I think I just wanted a character, with the same characteristic of James, but different personality enough to both piss each other off and bring conflict in the world ( cough/ story /cough).

What I know is that he was the gag character, he was there to make the situation hilarious. He made bets and contest during war fights. He had funny remark and odd rumor about a place or people the character where going to go see. I also know that he is older then what he look, because there is reference of him in three world history story I made up.

He was raise by the fire siren, up high in the mountains on an island. There is no other of his species, that that found out anyway, they are still searching, but I know that they must have found something because there is new island that they discovered and that there is another character  ( two actually) of the same species of him in another later undeveloped stories.

just, anyway, when I first made him up he was alone of his kind. The fire siren are women in nightgown, carnivorous, with bright fire hair, and fire rings around there feet and wrists. They are going instinct so, once a year, they force the nearby village to sacrifice a newborn girl to raise as their own, or else, they kill every new born so. They found Genito and brought him with them, when he was old enough to make his choices, he left the island to find his kind. Leading him to trouble.

He is a master in martial arts, and later became a teacher at the mansion orphanage. He can't read or write, but can talk 3 different language, where one is an old language that people though was dead years ago. Only a handful people know that language.

He is rash, he prefer to rush in a fight instead of talking about the best possibility to win a fight. He doesn't think before talking, which lead him to a looot of trouble with James. But both of them are best pals. They would root for each other, James was there when Genito lost his partner ( ho yeah, his gay also HA), and Genito was there for the birth of James only daughter.

HO yes, before I confuse more then necessary, I have those characters, this world since I was like 11, so they all did their time, they grew as I grew, they marry, had kids, I saw their kids age and they "die".

I say "Die" because, there old version have lived their life and gone to another place, but a part of their life stayed with me when ever I need them or they can remind me of their story. Right now Genito is around 26-28, he didn't meet his partner yet. James' daughter is 9 and a very powerful magic user.

Genito is as mischievous then ever, and is wurst now because there are more  mischievous  character to help him bother James until he crack. see post HOUSE later, it will explain. My head is one big puzzle.

Ghosts? I just like ghosts.  I wrote a full novel about ghosts. XD

Take care!


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