Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A-to-Z blog Challenge - Demon/Dreams

Dreams are huge inspiration for my stories. Half of my stories are part of odd dreams I had. The bamboo one, the majician servant story was another, give me wings, not so hero, my neighbor is a vampire, mission:summer vacation, and more. Daniel story didn't came from a dream, its probably why I had a hard time to for the story in the first place. I think it took 2 years total to form a proper plan , that I like and my character fit.

I dream every single night, I have a small notebook and I try to write all of them, some I leave behind, others I will write more in detail, because they could be important ( not so hero was one, and Give me Wings, was like a movie!)

I also write demon, because in the first ever stories I ever imagine, I had the evil guys being demons. They where like a virus, if they kill a Tyrian ( human in that world) and link their blood to the Tyrian blood, it would transform into a demon. Lot like a vampire but they are more... invulnerable. They killed a lot and it takes a lot to kill them. When I was planning for the calender and came to the letter D the first thing that came in my head was the demons, but after that was dreams, and they are both important to me, one explain my vivide imagination and how I can come up with so many stories in a year, the other is part of my childhood.

I had this story, this world and characters since middle school, I invented them, I play around with them because I was bored during recess and I had fun telling the story to my friends, to pass time and try to not get in trouble with bullies, cause I was one of the weirdos, and was proud of it.

I grew up with those stories in my head, those character shape me for who I am. I pass half my life daydreaming and listen to the voice of my characters, I will never forget them and I hope someday I would write their story that they told me ( all 13 of them XD)

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  1. I've only had a couple of stories that started with dreams. Maybe if I kept a dream journal that would change, but I already have so many ideas to write . . .


  2. I love dreams too! Sometimes they can really be a great source of inspiration, making connections your conscious mind failed to make.

  3. It's interesting what dreams can produce, especially story-wise. I don't tend to base a lot of my fiction on dreams, though I have started a few projects because of something I dreamed about.

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