Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Report 113

I actually don't really have much to say on today's report. I've been rebelling on the script and writing a fanfic in mid way. I just went where my focus was, I'm still half done with the script, and my fanfic is nearly done, I think by tomorrow I will finish it and be able to get my focus back on the script.

There is a men at work that ask if I was still writing when I was price checking today, it was the weirdest thing. I don't remember telling him I was a writer, but I remember seeing at Staples for various stuff so, Probably did told him once or twice. Just find it funny that he ask me today.

I made a discovery, I probably wrote already about it in a few reports ago, but hey I dont remember, so here it is again. I can only write stories if there is an element of magic in it. I have a lot of stories I would love to see written but I can't write it even when I plan it for so long, if there is no magic element in it, I loose interest or its to hard for me to write it.

Like see the fanfic I'm writing is about the Marvel Avengers living like F.R.I.E.N.D.S tv show and I tried to keep all of them normal life and only have the, well , normal life drama, but eh didn't work, I couldn't change Thor, he was still the god of thunder, then SHEILD came in to get the Avengers again and BOOM its a fight to get a magic artifact before the enemy gets their hand on it and take over the world, you know the jazz.

Anyway I did nothing except of work and write all week, even when I was down for ester at my parent place! I had my laptop and wrote in all of my free time. I meet the new addition of the family a dog named Tony ( I didn't squeel like the fangirl I am inside, nop not at all, nada. none. Zipp...okay maybe a litle.) he is a mix of a lab, so basically he be big dog. I dont like big dogs. Okay no let me rephrase that: I'm scared shit less of BIG dogs. Even the super sweet ones. I just ...cant.

So yeah work and write... and read... yeah.

take care :D


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