Thursday, April 5, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge - Earth

I was supposed to do a post about my best friend, but in the end, I decided otherwise. SO I decided to talk about Earth. Not the planet Earth per say, but the element.

If I ever would have powers I would love to control earth ( EARTHBANDER YEAAAH~), I don't know why I always find it peaceful in my head, its totally weird because their is nothing peaceful about it, but when ever I think of earth, I think of the middle of the rain forest, I think of a valley, I think of a high mountains, I think of climbing threes and seeing the horizon of a thick forest. I think of purple wild flowers. I think of Celtic music playing in the background. I think of golden eagles slowly flying across the sky above me ( another story, trust me.) telling me about spring arriving. I think of rocks covered moss. I think of the smell of wet grass and warm. Fog covering the ground like a mystery.

I think of the heavy air around me, covering me that I feel the change when I move just slightly. the crunchiness of the earth and leave mix under my feet. I think of the warm and smoothness of rocks, the sands sticking on your feet.

Just think about it.


PS: most of my characters have control over earth, and they usually my main characters, that or wind. Second favorite XD


  1. Nothing wrong with liking control even if it's over the earth. :)


  2. I think the earth can be peaceful. It depends where you are of course. I live in the middle of nowhere so my little section of the world is pretty peaceful.

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