Monday, April 16, 2012

A-to-Z blog Challenge - Names

okay yes, name, character names. I am obsess by using the same names over and over again. Mostly male names they all are like: Ken, James, William, Alexander.

I like old fashion names. HO men The first time I though of the name Todd for a character I just froze and was like... This is a geek name LETS MAKE HIM A SUPER GENIUS AWARD SUPER VILLAIN with SUPER POWERS, and other villain and heroes make fun of him cause his name is Todd. Its like... really your creating this super villain plan to take over the Super Hero facility but your name is Todd? What kind of super villain name is Todd? maybe like Jack or even like Erik but Todd? naaahhh

I also when I was like 11 all my name started by M. ALL OF THEM even the one I was making up.
Mandie, Melody, Madeline, Mikoto, Mei, Maya and all that It was wurst that I keep using the name WIlliam as my male main character for all my story, I'm getting better though I learn that I can't use it or else my readers will get confuse, so during one summer when I was working at my Government job, n my down time I pull out a baby name website and wrote down all the names (Female, male and unisex) that I liked. Some other names on a post it came from actually people that when I was working on their paper work.

That's how I got Erin, Holy, Julien, Audrea,Jayson,Marcus,Lauraline, Axel,Jasper, Julius, annabelle. ( Fun fact all those names are characters in my Magician Servant story that I wrote for NaNWriMo 2010)

I have like maybe two post it with list, plus three notecard pin on my vision board version 1. ( I have two XD Second one is smaller with actually vision on it, first one I made it when I was in Highschool and only have notes on Writing, story idea, letter to myself and  word that I had a hard time to remember on how to spell correctly.

I find that names are important for the characters, it show their personality and who they are. Its like something a women told me once, when she gave birth to her daughter she had plan since she knew she was pregnant that if it was a girl she was going to named her Ariel, but when she saw her for the first time she said, no, this is not an Ariel its a Veronique. Seeing her daughter for the first time she saw that the name she pick up since ever wasn't made for the new born, and change it right then to the name that she saw fit. And She said it was funny because Veronique wasn't even on the list of name her and her husband made during the pregnancy but both agree that it was the perfect name.

When you name your character you give birth to them, its a important trait and I alsways make sure to remeber the character with their proper name ( they usually get angry when I get mix up, but when you have to fill up a notebook with just character sheet its get a bit confusing.)

I have one character that I made up on the spot from an avatar I was doing on a cardgame website, the avatar system was broken and I couldn't change the sex to female so I was stuck with this excentric looking punk guy with lavender colored hair all spike up. I just shrug and called him Lavender and never though of it again ( website was full of bug so I didn't even bother to go on it again) BUt got my surprised when the guy Lavender came up in The HOuse, flirthing with tinny fairies and being in trouble and being good friends with Zerox another punk character I created around the same time. I called him Lavender because of his hair, out of no where but when he start to have a live I tried to renamed him but with what ever I was trying I always end up calling him Lavender because that was the only thing I could make him have a mark in my story.

Anyway , what do you think? was there a character you just named for just a filler and when you try to change it couldn't?

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  1. I have a hard time coming up with different names too, and use baby name lists a lot.

    A to Z of Immortals, Myths & Legends

  2. Practically ALL of my names are filler-names that turn into non-replacables! Hmmmm? :)

  3. Not really but I switch personalities from character to character.

  4. I have no problems changing the less-seen characters names, but those main characters - forget it! I often choose names based on their origin and what they mean. For example, the name Todd is means "fox", so he might be crafty and sly enough to be a super hero. :)