Thursday, April 26, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Witch

I love magic okay like, really do. There is thing that we cant understand why it happens that way in the world.

Like...Okay I'm going to tell a story. My oldest sister, since she was a kid she was allergic to food colorant. SO she was really limited to what she was able to eat, but as she grew older it would only get wurst to wurst so much that she was getting allergic to the country air. NO its true, when she left to go to the university, her body go so used to the air in the city that during the summer, when she moved back in her throat just slowed up for no reason! Then she got a burn out from working three job in the same time and had to take a year long break because the depression fell in when you know your ALLERGIC TO FLIPPING EVERYTHING even the medicine.

They went to EVERYTHING masseuses, Acupuncture and other things. My mom was desperate, she was taking care of my oldest sister who was so burn out couldn't be left alone in the house and sleep t3/4 of the day.

I don't know how my mom got to know that women, but with the line of work she did, It didn't really matter, but she ask for at least to see what she could do for my sister, at least to help her in the depression because it was bringing her down her health a lot. SO mom brought Jess down to see this lady. She is very nice, always smiling and speaking french really slowly.

Shes a Naturapath ( actually shes a bit different she's like a masonaturopath she doesn't ask to take medecine or herbs like the 'real' Naturopath ask you to take)

With the help of just her hand and knowledge she explain that there is a set over energy link every where in your body ( the Chakra? yeah that) and the allergies or anything that block you is because there is a not or a block in the path of your energy and what she do is unblock those energy. There is 12 ( I think) first treatment of the basic element of food, material and metals. After you do the treatment, depending of your age ( like kid, teen, adult) you have to stay away from the type of food your being treated with, like example when I took the treatment for metals, the last one of the basic I only needed to wait 12 hours to stay way from anything metal, buttons, doorknobs and all that. SO I stay in bed since I took the treatment on a Friday night I just had to wait, but I took out a binder that I printed some story out and I touch the rings and I could feel cold stream running down my arm that I touch the metal with and it was freaky, I could feel my arm getting heavy so I just quickly did my points ( rubbing in circle part of your body where the energy link intersect the most, it unblocks the path and let the good energy flow)

Well that lady, that wonderful lady made her clientele with just us. She is so close to us now that if we needed a emergency treatment ( happen once or twice) She actually open her doors to us ( we do pay her anyway even if she refuse so) My Sister was her first real client and if she wanted to test something new, its us she call first because she know how much in bet we are to her.

My sister, Jess, the kid who was forever allergic to food colorant, ate her first sugar full candy 5 years ago...and got sugar high and decided to clean the whole house in her under pent. It was something.

She eat fish where before just the smell made her hand swollen up red. She ate chocolate where the only thing she knew was people telling her about how good it is. She can travel!

last year, or the year before, was the first time, I saw her without the allergic bracelet she had on her wrist for years.

My cousin who couldn't hear from his left ear was able to hear whisperer only after the third treatment ( he has it fully recovered now) They try to see if we could recover my vision also, because my eyes never develop to see perspective, but I polity refused after the first treatment, I didn't like it and I've been this way for so long I didn't want to be all clumsy with a new vision ( like getting new glasses, but wurst.)

My little cousin, who was always hyper in school, playing and had to take those pills for kid to slow them down, after a few treatment my aunt throw those things away. Not everything can be cured by pills or surgery. You just have to know what is causing those effect and if they are all natural, hey its just a block somewhere in your body and you can get it fix.

My dad called her the Witch as in the good way ( one because he cant never remember her name), because she cured my sister when no one else could and or give up on her case.

Nathuropath, check it, cured my mom arthritis.


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  1. Hello, Steph! This is so cool. My mom is really into stuff like this so I'm sure she knows about ladies like her. It's amazing how we can heal ourselves by natural means!

    Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!