Saturday, April 14, 2012

A-to-Z blog Challenge - Magic

Magic is everywhere not just in books I find.

There is one time during the summer where I would drive down to Miramichi every week-end to see Scott at the apartment since I will living in Bathurst because of my job. And I live in bathurst for part of my life I know the roads and how they look like, but one Sunday when I was coming back down, it just.. It felt like I was finally opening my eyes to a knew world, I could see that the road I was driving in, even if I use the same road every single day for all my life, I saw how different it was. I was like magic that just one day it change all. it was bright, green, the threes where Tall and strong, it was the first time I saw a difference in all my life. Now everyday I try to see a difference in my daily life.

books are full of magic, in and out. The power of a book can bring millions of people together ( Harry Potter, Twilight?) Its not just the magic discript in the book, but the book itself that is magic. WOrd transforming itself into image behind your eyes, making you feel different emotion, making you live a different life that this own.

Books doesn't hold magic, they are magic.


  1. Your mention of that road you were driving on reminded me of an A to Z post I read a few days ago about one particular highway that got a crazy nickname like "Highway to hell" or something like that because there were so many accidents on that day, someone tested a theory about a particular area of the highway being the source for the accidents because of an underlying structure and the theory turned out to be right. While that is totally opposite of a bright day filled with green leaves, the highway seems to have some sort of magical element to it, I suppose.

    I get my magic fix by watching Harry Potter! That film series and the "Charmed" TV show has all the magic I can stand to entertain! LOL


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  2. Books are like movies - I find myself engrossed in them and sometimes adopt things from them.

  3. There are so many things that are sheer magic in this world. What's more magical than being able to connect to all these bloggers from all over the world. That is real magic. Great post and english. I'll be back.