Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Report 116 Nuzlocke

OKay so two stories. OKay? K.

So At work, I'm wearing this black apron that all copies associate supposed to wear okay? and there's three pockets, on my right one I have like...3 pens hand cream and a exacto knife, but like, I always loose my pens! All the time! Like two days ago, I give one if my good pen ( can write on the receipt paper men! Its hard to find.) to someone I cant remember if it was to a client or a coworker, but anyway I didn't receive it back.

But like all the time I do this I don't worries about it, 'cause I manage to always find it back! No matter what. This morning, when I was setting back our display box for the email capture contest, we have like a glass that hold our pens and here it was, my pen! So I just smile brightly, grab it and place it back at its place in my right pocket on my apron, but I guess I must have made some kind of face because one of my manager snorted and the other just laugh and shake her head. It doesn't take a lot to impress me or make my day, my Lead find it funny, sometime she make it just like that to see my expression and make her day 'cause they all find it hilarious and cute XD And I don't exaggerate, I just express myself a lot because it makes me happy.

Other story, is about the Nuzlocke challenge. Its a challenge where you play pokemon but hard mode

1. can only catch one pokemon per route. it faint, its dead you have to release it.

I start it last year on my heartgold, I lost a lot of good fighter and I'm nearly done the challenge, I'm training to get my last badge, but out of the blue I started a new challenge on my Diamond and since I wasn't far and I kept talking about it, Scott start his on my Perl. Its the same gen and so we record everything and later I will write a script where both our character do the adventure together, like me and Scott are doing right now. But the funny part is that, I started the game with my main character from heartgold in mind so its a guy and Scott want absolutely that it was you know a romantic thing with a couple, so he is playing a girl XD I'm the one mostly taking all the detail, he just pin point who he capture who died, if he is training and all that.

I talk about the Nuzlocke challenge to one of my coworker when the pokemon topic came up, because I swear ( "OH Shuckles!") He's going to try it with the originals game he got.

Its a really hard challenge, But it build this connection with the pokemon you train with you  like they are real friends. Scott lost a lot of pokemon already in his game but only now does it start to actually make an effect on him. Before it was just like, "ho shoots, well I have another one". NOw its more like "NOooooo, I liked that pokemon, god dammit!"

I flipping cried when I lost a good pokemon in my heartgold, fucking cried! ( TAR! WHHY WHHHHY TAAAAAAAAR) I know the feeling of just loosing a good friend in pokemon so I train hard and dont take chances as much as I used to. I aslo notice on how it effect my game play when I play my Black where its not my nuzlocke challenge game and its only for fun. I notice because when one of my pokemon died when I was training I went to the pokecenter, then bought a shit load of potions like that it wouldn't happen again. Every time they where close in like yellow life I would heal, instead of taking the risk even if I could just go to the pokecenter after they die.

I like the Nuzlocke challenge because it gives me a reason to care and to play.


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