Friday, April 6, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge - Family

You all gonna find it funny, but I consider my family to be the most precious thing to me, yet last time I called my mom was last year in December and was to say my boyfriend had a heart attack so our plan gonna be different then planned.

I consider family a close bound in my stories also, It is ether a HUGE FAMILY ( 13 sister, come on.) or only child. Like the story I'm writing right now, for Scrip Frenzy, the main girl is living with her uncle and aunt that she love deeply, but is magic bonded to William, the male main character ( you know the Bamboo story? yeah.) who has a sister, is friend with a PRINCE of the high Elfs from the HighLands. His parents are always around, mother to say how to take better care of his magic bond charger and the father to tell him the Heartlock blood line family ways.

the story with the 13 sisters, is... they all work in a mansion run by MOM ( literally) where they cultivated apples with multiple flavors ( had one tasted like chicken, fun times, fun times.). But they are not all related by blood, but by family bond. They all different and good at something, but what link all of them is that when ever their is a child with no parents or relative, they send it to them and they raise them, ready for his or hers adult life. Its a orphanage of some kind.

A good one in my head. Because they know they can count on them to raise the child like their sister or brother and be part of a better life then the street. They never ran out of food or space and they have the biggest knowledge of the world then anyone else. Everyone is treated equals.

One of a character that stick to me still ( I think I did a post about that.) is the youngest brother of the 13 sisters. The first male to came there. James Sever. The wise sucker. He is the one that tough me so much, I was and still is independent person, and James tough me the way of  life, how to respect it, on how we are all born to do something in or life, even if its to smile at someone who will save us all one day. He tough me about trust, and how there is things around us that we don't see.

I wanted to marry him once, but then I found out he was part of me anyway. I was sad.


I have a post for him later on, about his role on the world. HO man I can't wait to explain the P post, it be hilarious!

anyway, Family, important, more then you care to give, even if its not your bloodline relative, a group of friend you consider closes Family, your uncle and aunt, grand parents. It doesn't even have to be your blood relative to still matter.


  1. i feel the same way about family. i don't know what i would do without them, but i don't need to see them every day! :D and, i enjoy your story premises, especially the one about the boy you fell in love with.

  2. My family are important to me, both the living and the 'gone before'. As I've unearthed more and more family history, right back to 1651, I have discovered that they were not so different from us - indeed, they go some way to explaining who I am today!

    I like also, that you say it's not only blood-line relatives that make up 'family'! ;-)

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

  3. I know my best friend since I was 3, she is more then a sister to me then anything else.

  4. My family is everything to me. I was lucky to live one street away from my parents when I fist got married, three years later we moved to a smaller city 75km away (50 miles). Now we see them on the weekends only, which I guess is still quite a bit:)

  5. I am lucky to live close to my dad and only sister but my extended family are all on the other coast so we don't see each other very often. Thank goodness for Facebook!