Friday, April 20, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Read

Yeah, come on. Who doesn't like to read a good flipping book now a days right? right?

But I gonna tell you a little secret.

I hated reading when I was a kid. HATE IT! Loved making up stories as I play outside, but staying inside and read? ho hell no. I think I was what 9? 10? when I actually read a full book ( Harry Potter FTW) It took me a whole year to read it, and I find it HILARIOUS that I finished it, on the waiting room of my Optometrist.
It was the first time in ever that I didn't need medication in my eyes, and I was damn. She ask me what I've been doing and when I said I just finish reading a book, she said that reading actually help healing my eyes to be better. So I read, A LOT!

I think, going back that I didn't reading for the fact that I couldn't grasp as quickly like the others. I read like a paragraph or a page a night and I had to read it once or twice before it registered in my mind what the hell I was reading. My comprehension was like... Zero percent. ( 1 reason why I failed a lot of my class. Or well close to failed.) It took bit by bit, before I am at the speed I am now. But men I can still remember the day where It took me months to read a simple 200 page paper back, now give it to me for the afternoon I'll tell you the damn story XD

JK Rowling books change my life completely. Not only did she give a GREAT story for the kids, she help me straight my eyes and build my comprehension skills. Give me a love that I would never have know ( or would but much, much later)

I read now to get away from real life and be another person, I read to get away from my life... What? It helps with my Anxiety attacks! When I stop think about my problems long enough I can calm my mind down to stop the damn Anxiety attacks long enough to do my job.

Kids now a days don't read as much, or if they do its just... arg books that they don't need right now. Where are the great book gone to? Harry Potter, Amos Daragon? Lord of the Ring ( Actually never read it XD ) Where are the great adventure, with actual MEANING in it, instead of like, there this bad girl in class, she is mean to me, here is my revenge VOILA I am now popular girl in school woopy-doo.

There is still good books out there, but I've notice on how the emo ones are taking most of the shelves, thats not something to boost the moral of kids or teens, they need more powerful characters where they fight and grow. Because if they don't have any characters that grow whit them, they wont change or heal like I did.

That's why I'm writing. I'm writing stories where my characters grow and learn just like the teen or kid will.


(damn count = 3... well damn... HA)

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