Thursday, April 12, 2012

Report 114 Second Chance

I had a dream, that I was given a second chance in my life and woke up to be 17-18 and graduating from High school, but still remembered EVERYTHING!

I tried to not change much because hey I have a great life, I don't want to loose it, but I did changed a few things. I made sure I wouldn't loose my awesome white sleek cellphone in Media Studies. I didn't take programming after I took a journalist course they give at the school. I created my blog much earlier and posts some book reviews, I participated in NaNoWriMo much early on. and I "bump" into Scott, trying ( and failing) to flirt a bit, like that we would still be together in the end. ( The flirting didn't work actually, its the weekly game nights the animation people threw at the school once in a while that did it. Because I suck in the games and we would play Nintendo 64 on Pokemon Stadium most of the night, challenging and all that. That's what brought us together. It was always that... ALSO real thing I do suck at games, I blame him he distract me to much XD)

My family did notice the SUPER SUDDEN change, but when I told them if they believed in second chance in life, they didn't so I just didn't elaborate, one person did believe me though, and it was my grand father, he believed that I was given a second chance, that I know what will happen in the next 5 years, and only ask me one question that I didn't answer, because he already knew the answer to it. ( It was bout my Uncle Cancer, I just looked away.)

Instead of working at Staples I had this assistant job at the local journal thing, but I miss Staples, I scared some of the ladies when I came in to print some of the Holly Lisle class work and just say exactly what I want. ( had to say it twice because they just froze there.)

I was able to get a second chance in my life in that dream and saw what I could have, yeah I would love to really change it, but I am scared that I would fuck something up and loose the only thing I don't want to change.

And really, what the dream show me is what I'm doing right now but I just started earlier. I'm working on this dream now, I have more experience in life with wrong choices and heart brake that I actually experience instead of going around them because it hurts. It may Hurt but it make that when I'm happy, my happiness if stronger.

think about it. What would you love to change, but would leave it like that anyway.


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