Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Vampire

I only have one Vampire character, I don't remember his name right now, but I know that he drink blood, he combustive in light and is the neighbor boy from the main character. I made that he has a power to be unseen by people he don't want them to see him.. He is the middle child in his family, it just happen that, he was dying and his father beg the doctor to do anything to save his son, and the doctor called a Dr Vampire who sort off saved him, but now his father is being a dick because he is abnormal ( basically he would have prefer his son dead then being a monster, when he was the one begging to do anything.)

I have nothing against vampire characters or werewolf, but its being really over used right now  because of the Twilight boom. But I can see that its slowly going down with the Hunger Game boom.

I miss the time where it was about magic and super powers.

Anyway, I had this story about the Vampire character wanting to protect the girl, and its the first time he actually have those kind of feeling before, The girl is not really scared of him, well she is, but she is curious more then anything because he is the only vampire in his family, he have an older sister and a baby brother.

I have nothing against different Vampire, I read the Twilight series, and really enjoyed the first book ( the other ones not so much, but really liked the first one.)

The story with the vampire is really old, I started to write it ( blindingly! No outline! D:) in french when I was in high school ( Instead of listening to some history presentation, it was boring okay?)The only thing I really liked is the title I called it Vepanriten ( French made up word, and even I don't remember how to pronounce it, its been THAT long XD), If I remember correctly its a nickname his sister gave to the vampire a mix of his name and the word Vampire (DHU). I actually don't remember his real name just that nickname, I change the title to " My neighbor is a Vampire" Like a romance comedy chick lit kind of thing.

I wrote a bit more of that story, cause it was stuck in my head, and I wrote it that the name of the vampire is named William ( AGAIN!) but I wrote it a few years after the original so really I think it was just a filler.

those characters came to me again in a dream, where the boy was just really a Gothic guy and was sticking out like a sore thumb in the new family ( in my dream I was living in my bestfriend place and the new family moved at my parent place), I just go so attrack by the boy because he was sooo different from his prepee all go looky family that I just wanted to know more of him. I woke up with the feeling still in. And I wrote it down in a notebook, like I do to every dream that catch my attention.

So note to self: Dream are epic.


Take care!


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  1. I have nothing against Vampires either, it's just that they are over-exposed right now. Give it another 10-15 years and they'll be back in style again! :)