Thursday, April 12, 2012

A-to-Z blog Challenge - Kitty Cat

At Cat I talk about why I love cats. This post I want to talk abut all my cat Characters.

First one! Is Sir. William McKitten. He prefer to be called Sir, but most my characters call him Willy ( since it's my sister cat Willy XD)

This is his cat version. I also have a new story where he is, well used to be a cat and get transformed into a boy and try to protect a girl from evil Witches. But he still a cat and I make him have cat instinct, he hiss at bullies, the way he talk and act is different from human.

Like he treated to claw their ears off, he say he smell something and the way he eat is like he its the last time he be eating and doesn't use his hands.

I use this character cat often, like right now Sir William is in my script also, he is the cat owning the craft shop, he is a magical creature, with powerful magic and knowledge.

My other cat character is Lady Pixie, my cat. She is the enemy of Sir. William She is proud and will cheat to win, she doesn't care for other only for herself. I only wrote about her during a outline, she is not in the script, I didn't need her.

I also want to place Minouch, a small agile cat with a long tail.

I had Mashmellow Puffball. A fat fluffy white cat who just like to eat, he is the owner of a flower shop close by,  he likes to gossip to Willy often, Willy just find him embarrassing.

Sir. William come more out in my story then any other cats. I raise that cat since he was a kitten, I know him. He is afraid of other people and only listen to me and my sister. He is mean and sly, He can hunt even when he doesn't have claws in his front paws. BUt he cant attack females its so funny and cute XD


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  1. I'm a dog person myself, but even I can admit that Kitty Cats are adorable.