Thursday, April 19, 2012

A-to-Z blod Challenge - Quartz

I had a hard time to find a word associate with Q when I was doing my calender, so I took my electronic Dictionary ( which I love sooo deeply, it has a thesaurus in it plus a french to English AND both French and English dictionary inside in just a tiny winy little box I can just flip open...instead of all the flipping books in one shelves that weight tones, good god.)

And I found Quartz. Its a clear stone that I wonder why I didn't consider it before. I love stones, or rocks anything really. And if I visit a place, my father made sure I would at least enter a shop that sells rocks like that I could pick a few and every single time I pick a Quartz. I am attract to Quartz. I bough one that was on a key chain once when I visit Quebec city and there was this card with info on it that told me that people from old time used Quartz as a healing tool because of its cool surface, it was believed that it was absorbing the heat of fevers and such. And I'm afraid ( really really afraid) of being sick, so I guard that key chain like it was my life. I actually got frigging scared when the screw that was holding it got lose and I lost it.

I was flipping on the edge for months until I calm down and got a small on that I place in a pouch under my pillow. ( kid you not, but I was scared that I would loose it behind my bed frame so I just placed it in my box of rocks instead.)

I'm still looking for a necklace with a point Quartz, like that I could carry it around with me and I wont be as scared to lose it much. I love all kind of Quartz, but the point ones, like in the picture or my favorites. That and green stones, not jades, just green rocks I have like a glass bottle full of them XD

Every time I go somewhere I collect a rock as memory ( see Report 101 ) be it a rare stone that I buy in a shop, or a ugly rock that I found on the side of the road or a beach ( beach are fun they have all those colors! :D hate water, love picking rocks XD)

so yeah, love rocks, Quartz are magical and heal me when I get panics attack, awesome XD

Take care :D


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