Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Universe

I have, in a story that the planet earth is part of the 7 universe ring. ( where my character James and Genito are from the number 5 ring.)  People from the first and second ring, are more advance and intelligent and decided to make some probes that make some sort of invisible shield that stop all kind of space ship the planet earth send to investigate the secret of the universe.

The people decided to stop and hide the truth from Earth because we are consider as a deterioration species, where were ever we land we will exploit the natural recourse until the planet die, earlier then it was said. We kill everything in our touch. We will dig in the deep of the planet to find resource because we are greedy species.

Its just like a story I told myself to go to sleep, but I woke up and wonder, what if its true? Ho shiit.

Its very scary, I mean we don't whats beyond there, its a whole new experience and discovery, s everything I make up in my mind can be true somewhere and we don't even know!

I love looking at the stars outside during summer time, there is time where its so beautiful where we can see everything! It make me feel small and wonder about the other life there, about what is there other then us.

Its scary but it gives me a trill, a good one, because it gives me a reason to give teories and write about to share it with other and make a flipping great book about it.

There is always more to what there is, we just ahve to open our eyes to see it.



  1. The planets and stars are wonderful things to power our imagination. Stopping by from the A-z challenge. Nice to meet you.

  2. I love your idea of posting about the universe. Glad I stopped by.