Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge - James.

I have no idea where to start.

I meet James ( my character)  he was 14, young, long blond hair, was skilled with magic and a bow. he was living in the Mansion with his 13 sisters, protecting the apple fields. He brought me to a wild adventure, he told me about a warrior honor.  I saw so many wonderful place.  I want under the sea with the mermaids, I want in a crater with the colorful fairies, with all the colors of the rainbow. I saw the White village, where everything, threes flowers, the ground was white. The people had all white hair, light color eyes and had a knack of making the best fucking sandwich in the world. Also the most powerful magic users. I climb mountains where I meet a god of the wind, had tea with her as she talk about the future of the world. On how she can see vision and it came true, and she try to whisper it through the wind, hoping a soul will hear and say it to prepare from the in coming catastrophe.

I saved a race of elf from being instinct because of a unfair law down from a greedy king. I ride a dragon over the sea to a floating island. I found a hidden village of magical creature, who like to make pizza. Really good one too. But all that I did with James next to me. I grew with him next to me. When My best friend wasn't he was there, to place me in place, to not crack and hit back the bullies ( unfortunately.)

There is maybe two years in high school, where school work got over my imagination and I lost track, but one nigh I just lost it and went to bed two hours early, close my eyes and let my imagination run, trying to find my inner place to get myself back, to find who I was again and that's when The House came to be. The old beat up one. I got in curious and feared, when I saw the Pink Table I was really unamused. But James was there. Older, wiser and accompanied with new friends that was blurred, that I could remember well or that I wasn't ready to know them yet. But James was there.  Even after two years of me forgotten about them, he was still there for me.

He send me to another small adventure, mostly to remember what I left behind. I meet his Daughter, where I didn't even  knew he had a women. I saw the 13 sister older now, instead of the kids I had fun doing pranks with. They are all grown up, just like I did. I meet Genito partner, I meet new characters like lavender, Daniel.

He brough me back to why I like my stories,but I was still to worried about the red pen going on my pages to actually sit down and write a novel. But he is still there when ever I need it. I love him still dearly, but as a good friend. During that night I promis him, that no matter what I wont forget him ever again, so like what happen in high school will never happen and I will still remember who I am.


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