Friday, April 13, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Language

Language is a strong thing in my writing. I'm french and I write in English, because hell, last time I tried to write a story in my native language I find my notes back to me full of red pens. So when I tried in English, there was more black then red. But I still know that there is a huge grammar gap between the languages.

I actually had to get night class for my English, could you believe that? ( Don't answer that.)

 I learn to speak and read by watching anime and manga, with my friends in high school, during lunch break we would have scientific debate in English, get yell by the teachers every time. I think they just stop after a while, figuring it would have been useless.

But really I got much better in my writing when I start this blog. I still freeze at time at work, because I cant translate a word, or cant make sense of what the hell I'm saying. Every once in a while I go back to the first report I ever make and read up from the recent one and well, at first I tried to correct everything I could see wrong, but I stop, because that's when I can see my improvement ( I just add like PS or EDIT at the end of the report saying just so and update.)

I also find that its my biggest barrier though. Because I don't understand some of the grammar rules, I feel like I can't do as much as I would be able to. What do you think? Do you feel like there is a  language barrier that stops your potential?


  1. I wish I spoke a second language - you're very bravwe to write books in yours! If you ever need an English-speaking proofreader, feel free to ask!

  2. When I tried to learn a new language a few years ago, I found watching t.v. shows and foreign films helped a lot. I never mastered a 2nd language at all, but I still remember a lot of the words and phrases I learned, and when I hear people speak in foreign languages, sometimes I can figure out part of what they are saying. Stopping by from the A - Z Challenge. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Yes...sorta. I tend to feel like there is a language barrier that stops my potential when helping people are of concern. I'm not so concerned about language with regards to my writing but out in the world, language is important to me for practical reasons such as the ability to communicate with people who may be from a different cultural background and this speak a different language than I do.

    So many times, I've been in a position where someone tries to ask me for directions or help with basic information such as what time a store closes or something and I have a difficult time meeting their needs because of language barriers.

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  4. My native language I guess you can say was Spanish. But once I had to go to kindergarten I completely forgot about it! Now I have to re-learn it...