Saturday, April 21, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Scotty actually my boyfriend! :D We've been together for 3 years...I think, wait, SCOTT!!...Yup three years. around..ish. He remember those stuff more then me.

Anyway I mention him often, and My Best friend that I slip her real name time to time, because they are close to me and are very important in my life. That and my oldest sister too.

I first meet Scott during class actually. It was our English communication class, and it was three course mix in one. The Media studies ( where he was in) Programmers and 3D artist. The class was mix and we where partner up in group for a project, and it just happen that we where both in the same group. I actually didn't really look at him until I help with the drawing part for our project. I look up and I was like damn he is hot. But he look like the kind of guy to date like a nurse/ doctor, really smart pretty girl.

and I was in some kind of depression on that time, I was with all kind of Kingdom heart accessories on me, I had chains and belt, black and white rings, I had wrist bands ( wrist warmers more then anything) and like a king of glove with only one wholes for the thumb to go through? yeah that. I was just... well most of my high school time I didn't have time to act my age, so I was just catching up. NO make up and no care in the world, I would snark and snort and steal my candy away from praying hands.

I don't really know how it happens, but I think it was at the end of one group meetings, my cellphone was dead and I needed to call my best friend for a ride home, and it just happen that he was there when I curse and try to think of the apartment number when he ask if I needed a phone. I did took his phone to make the call, but I ask the security guard for the phone book XD.

(" It's not the first time I gone to college you know"
"really what did you study before?"
"If I tell you, you wont stop bugging me"
"I probably wont, so what is it?"
"I'm a cook"
"Okay yeah, your staying with me.)

When my best friend came back, I ask if he needed a lift and that when we knew he live like just across the road we live, in the giant yellow house. ON the ride back my my best friend give me the okay to date, I laugh because, hell I know I was beat red from blushing and I could really say anything.

(" I actually have one ear pierce three time"
"yeah ho and my nipple"
"Its true and I have this dragon tattoo that takes my whole back"
"That I have to see, STRIP STRIP STRIP!!")

But it was the first time my best friend actually approved of someone I wanted to date, so heck I tried to live the most I could.So I flirt. A bit. I mean I never did in my life flirt so I didn't know how, but I did control a bit, like I was always sitting next to him during group meetings, I would place a hand on his arm our shoulder when I wanted to talk to him, and just be a bit in his personal place when I was showing him how Photoshop work.

(" You suck at games"
"I'm usually not that sucky"
"Its probably because your next to me"
"Agreed, your making me bad. HO HEY wonna play Pokemon Stadium?"

Then, the animation threw a gaming night, where we would bring are console and play old game all together like friends. He play Mario with me but I kept dieing I was embarrassed, so laughing I challenge him to pokemon stadium 1 on the N64 and beat his sorry ass! HA!

I'm actually the one who ask him out ( he still denie it) but there was this movie he wanted to see and just on our day off, I check what movies were out for the heck of it ( no really I wasn't thinking of anything and I just... done it) and when I saw the movie was there I text him that. And he ask if I wanted to go with him.

Okay yes It is him who ask me out, but how flipping long would it have take if it wasn't me whoTEXT HIM THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE MOVIE! so yeah. I'm awesome.

But oh god we were sooo clumsy, like you have no idea, it took us like a month and a half ( maybe more) before we could kiss normally XD He was very patient with me, he still is, and he know my twerk now, he know when I'm having a anxiety attack before I know it, he know when I need him close and when I just need fresh air. It took us a year until we fell down like a real couple. the second year I was sick like a dog because of the school stress, the third year, we are normal, well as normal as we can be.

I love him and dear god I am happy I made those calls.

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