Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Even with the A-to-Z blog challenge I still have to do my reports. For now everything is going super well. Scrip Frenzy is easier then I though, much easier then NaNoWriMo. I check the Camp NaNo and I will only participate at the August one, since they will be open June and August this year. In June, it be moving around, Scott graduation, We will only know late that month where we be moving out, its so nerving.

Gini Koch Alien new book came out like yesterday, but its my sister who still have my kobo, I lend it to her like that she could read Hunger Game, but now she have the new Ipad ( gen 3) and download the kobo app, I give my account to them temporary, but really if they want to use it I'm fine, just make sure they change the billing and it wont go on my visa I'm A-Okay XD

I had plan, for two weeks, for the Scrip Frenzy to use my teen spy story, but in the end, when working on one of the challenge post, I remembered an old story and now writing that one instead. in just two days before it started I scrap my idea and start fresh, and I already have what? 41 pages in less then 4 days? I guess I choose well. I figure that if my story doesn't have any kind of magic element in it I wouldn't be interest at all. IN the last few days in March I had a hard time making my story work, to make it interesting and long enough for 100 pages.

The way I'm going with this magic story I gonna have more then 100 pages! I didn't even his the second act yet! I know I should be starting the second act by now, it just because there is a lot of short conversation that make it look long.

anway, I will go, there was nothing much to report today, I want to the creative writing shop saturday and I was very impress, I had fun. But except of that, I've been writing and working away!

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