Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Report 115

OKay those Wednesday are coming back waay to fast. I don't even have time to think about writing my reports that its time to do them! Anyway, nothing much happen I've been sick most day and miss 2 days of work :C

I start, well continue my HeartGold Nuzlocke challenge and I'm not even done that one that I start a new one, with the same character in my Diamond! I was training my 'mons in HeartGold when I got this story plot in my head and Now I want to know if I be able to survive to elite four, to know which friends will be with me till the end.

I had this story that, the pokemons can talk but my female Hypno ( called Dwight, I didn't know she was a female okay XD and it was the first name that come up in my head. Its a bit better the Tar the Togatic!) was telekinesis so she was always telling me what my 'mons is thinking. And that because she have the ability insomnia, well she doesn't sleep and watch over us during the night when I sleep. I have it that if she survives during the Elit four that she will come with me when I fly over to the Sinnoh region and she is just a partner, a friend that comes along.

If she doesn't survive I will make it a way that she will, but wont be able to fight anymore.

I like pokemon okay! And when I'm sick I play games to make my mind busy on something else ( I get anxiety attacks if I think to much about being sick, cause I have a fear of being sick, I Google it, its a thing, I didn't even know I was goggling about phobias for a character in one of my story and that one came up I was chock and surprised)

I'm going down down to see my family this coming Saturday, I had it off, so might as well, and I still need to change the winter tires of the car. I Script Frenzy, with half of it being the scrip the rest are like 3 shorts XD two fanfic, one half a plot that I don't really like.

Except of all that, nothing much happen. Next month, me and scott will be looking at other appartments in PEI without being able to see them, that be fun XD Take care now!


PS: For new Followers HI!! :D

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