Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A-to-Z blog Challenge - Imagination

 Since I was a kid I had a weird, vast imagination. I live in the middle of the woods, so I was able to play most of my story and imagination, when ever  I tried to write it down, I find it back full of red pen saying I suck. Which is why it took so long for me to get the courage to start to write again, 2 years ago. But it never did stop me from coming up with stories, I wrote short and information in more then 15 notebooks, I had to numbered them and make a cheat sheet to know which notebook have what story.

I still remember parts of old imagination I acted outside in the snow. I remember I was playing a character named Sky, it was a wolf of some sort, with a crown on his head ( gold with sapphires) and some gold plates on the front paws. He was male, I don't remember why I liked playing that character, but I was like the loser of the pack and was trying to save our species. I know that the character I was playing end up falling in love with a girl he saved and she was from another pack, but she was bond to be with the jerk in his pack, a link to strengthen  the packs. I remember Sky's friends and the midnight visits.

Not only that but I also remember, once, during the day of spring, I was outside, laying flat on a snow bank, looking at the clear blue sky, thinking of, I think it was harry potter story then I was just starting the series. But I was looking up when something yellow, gold in the corner of my eye, when I look over to see what the hell I was looking at I saw a golden bird, slowing ( really really slowing) flying across the sky. I know it part of my head that it was just my imagination because I was already thinking of magic, but another part look real. The next year on spring I did the same thing and saw it again. But on the next year I didn't. And never seen it again.

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