Friday, April 27, 2012

A-to-z Blog Challenge - X

X... just that... the letter x.

Okay so really, honestly I had no flipping idea what to talk about the letter x when I used my electronic dictionary I had like 6 entry with word starting with the letter X. I could talk about the X-men? But I only watch the movies, I don't know much about ( EXCEPT THEIR FLIPPING COOOL!)

But then I remembered my username I use everywhere. My Username is Zenxara ( hence my email address durb)

But the story behind how I decided the name is soo random. MY first nick name ever was Sen. I don't know why or why it just is. But then I fell into the Kingdom Heart fandom and there this Organization 13 the bad guys and all of them have the letter x in it! and with the translation its basically the letter of their name mix match with a x patching everything up in there. SO with that in mind I took the nick name and the letter x and just try to make a good match. Didn't work BUT then my petty of the letter Z ( Zed) cause its never being used as often as it should and being pronounce different ways all the time, anyway I petty that letter so I change the S of Sen into a Z, becoming Zen, with the x in middle "Zenx" and I just came up with the rest to make it sound feminine and right, so Zenxara. It just became that.

Because I petty the letter Zed and like the Organization 13.


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  1. X has been a tricky one to read today. I wrote about X-rays and just made people sad. :) Sigh.