Monday, April 2, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenger - Bamboo

Bamboo, odd right?

But it come out in my story often. Well, in one that I really like. It came to me in a dream ( ho how original right?), it was actually me, I was older and asleep, but then I got up sharply after the room shake, I rush out my room ( witch was huge, I felt like I was in a mention, all gold and warm colors) to see smoke coming out of the next room. I felt worried and scared shitless, I rush in the room to see the wall completely blown out and a women, in black armor, on a black smoky horse ( like smoke, really it wasn't tangible.) she was holding a baby in her arm, I scream, the baby cry, the lady laugh and fly away ( no really. Its a dream yeah?)

I rush to the crib and there this, panda plushie toy, look used and floppy. My husband, I guess, rush next to me, and cry
"PANDA" ( I always laugh when I remember that part, its just, unusual.)

and the toy became life. It stood up, look at him, then me, then the wall still smoking. It grew bigger as it move and then gallop in the air after the baby.

Then it god more weird, I cry to my husband ( which I don't really remember the name right now, I think its William but I'm pretty sure its the kid name.) to save our  son, then he look at me ( which I had a hard time cause his his hat was hiding half his face, eyes.) and say
"Get the stake knife"
"No, I told you I wont use them. Its not me!" I cry at him, in distress, he shook his head, took out his lab coat and get out some small bright yellow container.
"Don't do it for me, but for our son." I huff, angry and I took out a stake knife from my belt, there is sparks coming out from it, I hear thunder outside.

The rest is blurry but I know I came out to get my son back and kick some ass.


now your probably wondering what the hell does it have to do with bamboo. Well after that dream I continue daydreaming about those characters and my son, control earth, like I control thunder and my husband water. His guardian is a giant panda, but what trigger his power ( like me its the stake knife) is a bamboo stick, thin and light like a pencil, when ever he grab it in his head, he transform into some kind of ninja with bamboo armor.

I have a daughter, she control the wind, and her guardian is a phoenix. I don't know what trigger her powers though, in my head I say she is to young yet to trigger it. It just happen that for self defense, my husband force trigger our son power at young age(which I was very angry about and nearly kill him by throwing my stake knife at him. He didn't budge, witch I was more angry at him.)

anyway, there this WHOLE story about them, mostly my son, and how because of his magic bond he fell in love with a non magic girl, just like my husband happen to me and when our bond got deeper, my magic came out ( by mistake, what ever first object I touch would be the object that would trigger open my magic.)

I could write a lot more about it, I have a short, well two short, about my link and my son link with his girl. I have in my future plan to write about them someday ( after I Have Daniel story done.)  I will write more when the time come from, but for now, that's what I had to say about today's challenge about bamboo.

Its awesome, with lots of Pandas.



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