Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge Cats

This post is actually different from the one I will do in a few days for "Kitty cats."

I want to talk about how cats is a HUGE part of my inspiration for my stories.

I love cats, I like to watch them play around with agility and learn by the time. I like their piercing eyes and their quick  attention to details.

Cats appear in a lot of my stories, they are often cameos of my cats, well my sister cat.

I can consider as my cat because he would only listen to me or her, because during summer when she was goinjg to work, but the kitten was to young yet she would throw him in my room, protect him from our dog. He is a black, long hair cat. Have piercing yellow eyes and skinning in bones. When he sit, his back arch so up it really looks like a cartoon drawing. It always impress me, and he always look at you as if he is bored or find us stupid. ( I can here him being like " you idiot, what do you think I am?")

His name is Willy.

My cat, that me and my best friend adopted, she had long hair and when standing up she looked like a lion, all powerful, but with a soft heart, a great leader. Her name was Pixie, my best friend, used her as a exercise TV show for her class last year, and there was actually a company that wanted to hire her to make that TV show ( cartoon) come to life, but she refuse, she said she was willing to sell the concept to the guy but he really wanted her to supervise and create the story with them so he said no. You can find some of the characters here, its her DeviantArt account. Now she makes plushies, that's what she love to do.

And now there is Minouch ( realy name Priscilla, but its long. Call her Pri-Pri, cat or Minouch), she is my oldest Sister new cat. She is small in figure, tail twice as long as her body, very swift , have extra thumbs and one claw that is stuck out all the time. She is sharp, hear everything, and a quick learner, she learn how to hunt mouses so fast, my dad is proud. ( Find it funny cause when he was Minouch bringing her third mouse in front of the garage, he look at the fat orange cat, Elvis and ask when he would move his butt XD He counter attack by trying to capture a squirrel, which end up him being stuck in a three and my dad laughing.)

I Have a stories where Willy and Pixie are in there ( Pixie is evil, XD ) I still have to come up with a story about Minouch yet, but she intrigue me so much every time I go down for a visit that I know I will come up with the best story for her.

and thats it for today, I know that I have shedual another post about cats, ( Kitty cats, I know, I know, but it was the first thing that came up in my mnind with the letter K) But on that post I will talk about the stories that my cats had influence on, for now: Take care!



  1. CATS seems to be a popular topic for the C-day posts!

    I'm a new follower from the AtoZ Challenge. Nice to meet you!

  2. I've always thought of myself as a dog person, but after being introduced to life with a cat I can't imagine not having my kitties around.
    Great A-Z post!

  3. I'm a dog person, but kitty cats are great pets too. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge blogs in April.

  4. I am also more of a dog person.

    But that is awesome that you have something that gives you constant inspiration.

  5. Hi, I like your cat stories. They sound very personable and funny. I enjoyed your post.