Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A-to-Z blog Challenge - Pink Table

By now you probably have a grasp of what the hell is the Pink Table. If you do please tell me yeah? Cause I have no idea. Its just a reason to show on how weird I am. Cause I don't like pink and that one is like NEON PINK!

James said it represent my soul, I did snort and say my soul is neon green not pink. He just shrug with a knowing smile.

Anyway, I know that most important meetings are made around that table. The Table is a round shape and big, like the round table from Arthur knights ( "Les chevaliers de la table ronde")  It morph into an oval shape when its in The House mansion form, but when its in The House beat up like hell form its a round shape.

I had a lot of meeting around that Table to get my emotion shit together. The best way was to confront why I had those feelings and how better to meet your subconscious himself to help me out? My muse was James for a part of my life but then he became just a character part of me, my muse was a male for as long as I can remember until January 2012 where I notice I've been calling my muse a her. I frig my mind SO much XD ( see Report 99 )

So yeah I feel like every time I sit around that stupid pink table I am planning on how to win a war or something because, before when I was a kid, it was just me Genito and James. Now its like a SERIES of character that I made up from my emotions that are here to help me out in the right path. I have Lavender and Zerox( pronounce like the paper company what is it Xerox? yeah pronounce like that XD) I have Daniel, Yuki, and someone that look exactly like me when I was 16 which creeps me out. ( She is the representative of my childhood memories. That's what he said.)

The pink table is not there to eat lunch on it, its there to have meetings and plan strategies to win the most raging war of all time. Fucking emotions. The Table is where all my character can connect with me and tell me whats on their mind ( one actually insulted me, I treatned to erased him, he said I couldn't even if I wanted to and he was bluntly right that basted. SO I decied to kill him off in every story he could be fit :D)

And this, lady and gentelment was about the Pink Table of doom. Take care :D


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