Monday, August 10, 2009

Zenxara Report 2

I'm on my break at work now, so I got time to write a lil report.I want to see a movie last friday, I saw Julie & Julia, I was good, in my opinion anyway. It give a after effect though. a) your hungry because of all the delicius food they shoow b) you have a boost to cook. or c) people will make blogs and write about anything really...

I'm on b). And I will cook a LOT for the 15 because my familly is doing a big party. Its "fete de L'Acadie!" the 15 so. My mom place me on cookies, salad side, and maybe cake...not sure. I zone out every time she start talking about the party so. I will probably just be there listening to old stories my father will say...

OH and I don't have the internet for a while at home but its a tiny detail. AND when college start I will probably post in the livejournal I made. I prefer the setting there. Its a shame. I will use teh blog for HTML tests XD since in my course I will have a html class...I think...>.>...


and I will probably doodle a lot because of my artsy friends XD and I need to do some character consept and all. I need to start drawing girls now since I only draw guys lately ( lately as in 2 months ago)...On Kingdom Heart fandom side. I finish my lexicon! ( Zexion's weapon) Its not perfect but I LOVE it anyway XD. I had the materials to make it like months ago and I finaly finish it saturday... the first day of no internet.

Thats all from me


07/01/2011 -> I lied I prefer the blog setting bit confusing at place but when you know where to search your good. Also I don't doodle as much as I expected then XD

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