Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zenxara report 1

SO I kinda forgot I got this? I'm mostly there - Le robot sexy - witch is my friends and I Artsy blog XD.Even there, I barly post. I din't draw a lot latly I only write some story plot. If I disided to post them It will in the blog I link earlier... Annd probably in the livejournal I made, cause I got a 'friend' in there who is a writer, ( good one she go to college\universitie to be a writer) so she probably could give me some tips on some plots.

OK so I'm in , like I say a month ago, In a HUGE Kingddom Heart fandom right now. Mostly because IN a month Kingdom Heart 358\2 will be out, and trust me I'm soooo in line the day its out!... PLUS... even If i have chain of memorie for Game boy advence, I bought the RE:chain of memorie for PS2...plus KH2...even if my best friend have it, I wanted to have my own copy.

So yes I start to play RE:CoM on PS2 and I discovered that...Marluxia have one heck manly( sexy too) voice, I was suprise. I don't remember if in the game boy advence version they talk. Last time I played was like 3 years ago so...

So most of my time, the only thing I do is read, ya read. And write some time, but I din't write plot for quite for a while. I read soo many fanfic ( mostly Kingdom Heart, but I read some others) And I found some really good writers... witch explain the livejournal, I wanted to read other fanfic that she ( dual_avi) made so I made a Livejournal. I could comment but I'm not to good at expressing sometime, and she is like...A pro! I feel emberress to comment on her master pieces XP
OK so like I was soposed to post some art a week after the first post but, now I wont because I find my art crap, BUT I post them in 'le robot sexy'. Mostly its 3 character; 2 boy and a girl, who love to sing and make fun of other people ( mostly prep...and themslef...they are weird). It go in a futur world that I made. All city are in a dome that protect them from acid\toxic rain.There is people around who is called pixie, because they are computer projection ( the computer is a watch they have). Those people protect the humain if there is a accident with the major dome, aka it breaks. ( they hit their watch, and makes a mini dome).

So ya technicly does 3 live there.Have drama high school life....OH I forgot to add the vampires...ya in some of my stories in the world I ...'tried' to explain, have some vampires in them ( those one DO NOT SPARKELS thank you very much...). They drink warm blood, ( no shit) and live the night only, ( they can live the morning, because the dome give fake light, but its still light, the vempires turn to dust ...just slowly{ its like canser with no cure, ouch})

SO if your a restorant and whant to do the 24\7 thing you CAN, with the aide of vampires XD. But only some of my stories have vampires, Im not fond of them . ( since the 'twilight' bug happen)

so ya back to the drama high school life character. Anyway, they live normaly, have fun and such till POOF ~ there is a young girl from the past comming out of no where and their stuck with her... some experiment with scientist. And it just happen that the young girl is a really famous inventer in the futur. So plus drama with the young girl, plus trying to hide her futur because it could alter it ( past going in futur can change it but futur going to the past can stay normal...if s\he shut up XD)

tl;dr- drama\adventure\romance\humor...and lots of fun and experiment XD

thats it for me today ( post in 3 place XD)


PS: sorry for the mistakes.I correct them when I can see them.
PSS 07/01/2011 I see them I just don't want to correct them since it show the gradual of me learning how to spell.

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