Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Report 111

I did got a place for the writing workshop, I hope I wont be the only one there, cause it would be awkward for the lady. Anyhow I am, sort off ready for the ScriptFrenzy! I have all my beat sheet write up, I just have to separate my scenes better like that I will know when and where to type shit up. I have less hours at work ( we're training a new girl so) so I will have so much free time to write, so I know I will finish it in like...2 weeks. I also have the A-to-Z challenge to do also, so it will be interesting month.

I miss writing stories ( even if , you know, I've been writing short stories here and there), well my novel anyway, but there is so much I need to understand about characters, I can feel that I'm close to the "EUREKA" moment its exhilarating.

Except of that nothing much happen this week, important anyway.Ho, well there is this guy that is participating at ScriptFrenzy who will blog interview me for the A-to-Z challenge! Because my username is Zenxara ( basically everywhere) and he had a hard time finding a theme about scriptfrenzy with the letter Z XD so there is that.

Well I guess I'll keep it short, I be working away now ( ish) take care!


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