Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Report 108

 I finish reading  the hunger Game finally! And I finish reading " One for the Money" already, read it in one night. I'm writing a review on Hunger Game already and will write one soon for One for the Money. I bought a few books that was recommended to me for my revision course. ( Game of Throne) Scott love that series, well he watch the TV series that was base on the book, when I told him I had bought the book, it remind him about the series was out on DVDs now and I had to order the series for him too XD

I'm pausing my revision until I read Game of Throne to understand better the impact a character can have on a reader. I know the feeling as a reader, but as a writer I'm starting to notice ( just by the end of Hunger Game series and the One for the Money)

I also got the mission Impossibles movies (1-3) they where like, 5 buck each and I never saw them before so I bought them. Scott told me he liked the 3 one best and hated the 1 one, while for me its the complete opposite! The first one, I felt it was more grabbing, it was brake and steal something, while the other two was more like brake and destroy something ( while the last one we didn't even see the scene where he steal the item needed to save someone). The two last one was more about who got a bigger gun and run to save your life, while the first one was about wits, witch I like the best. I get bored after the third explosion or chasing scene in a movie.

Though I will admit, the villain ( well one of them) in the third movie, was great, give me the shivers, he was scary and that was a great move.

I also finally finish the TV series Charmed!  I always liked that series when I was young but they stop playing it and couldn't never finish it. but now I did!

With all the movie and TV show talking, made me think of ScripFrenzy! Its in a month, I already know the idea I want to work on this year. I couldn't work on ScripFrenzy last year because of school ( but did write a novel instead haha) but this year I will have all the time! Well sort off I am also participating in the A-to-Z blog challenge, it will be a busy, busy month.

I'm doing great with my revision, I've very happy I decided to continue instead of stopping there, because it would only cause me so much more hardship if I did. Now I'm learning on how to make my world and character stronger in their scenes.

I also went in a lesson on how to know how many scene I need, and how long I plan my novel to be. I did the same exercise before, but its the first time that I actually do it and happy about the result. Last time, I always felt unsure about my numbers and that it was always to short or to long for my story. But I notice my problem then, I was giving a number of word length of my novel by what I though was the correct amount, not something I would love to have or felt confident in it. I also, then, didn't have mych experience in writing a novel. I only had one NaNo novel under my belt, now I have a bunch of short stories, and three under my belt. I feel more confident in what I'm writing.

I also realized a few days ago when I was looking at some night class at the University, that hey, I know how to write stories, I have the proof everywhere, but my problem is the grammar and the rules in the English language. I can throw my characters in a bunch of adventures, but I probably have three mistake in one word every time. SO really the only class I need is an English class, on how to spell better, and I be set!

If we end up living in Fredericton instead of PEI that will be my plan, to just take a night class to better my English, 'cause come on, its bad at time. If we still go to live in PEI, well hey I have a place at the University there I can take a few language class there no problems.

So that's my plan. Continue writing and revising until its the Edit part time, then I will be ready.

anyway, that is all for this week report. I will be working on those reviews soon, so take care!


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