Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Report 107 purple crocodile

Not a lot of thing happen this week, but I was able to finish a lot on my revision of my novel. I am impress and totally amaze with how much I manage to do in the last 4 month. I am finally done taring down my book, pointing out what is bad and what is good in it, and now Its soon to be time for me to fix my errors, making sure they are the right one this time.

I think was yesterday I was working on the last assignment ( well one before last) and it was about explaining how things work, like how does the kids, teen started to have powers or started to see ghosts, or how does one souls leave the body and became a ghost or a corrupted one.

I tell ya I had so much fun, I didn't need 4 years in college in science to be able to bullshit my way through this assignment, only grade 9 science did the trick. I was able to make it work with my limit knowledge and made sense notherless. I was able to explain how portals work, how Daniel still half ghost and lives, how teen start to have their powers work it was such a  blast, I was singing along with my music, dancing in place as I wrote.

I never been this happy, well no I did before, but with the stress of winter I lost it, and now its back! :D

I'm also scared, my boss is taking some interview to replace some staff that will be going soon and its scary because she told me, hey I be gone in 4 months. 4 Months! That's a very short time, I can't believe it. And really I think its the longest time I ever work for a company ( minus the government job, I was bored half summer with that one.)

And I know in the previous report I talk about me having some weird dreams, but I don't remember them in the morning witch is odd because I always remember them ( that's when I know that those dreams that I don't remember will come true because It always happen that way during high school times.) but this week I remember two of them! :D

One, I titles it the purple crocodile!  I remember seeing an Angel but it was an old friend I didn't see in ages, he was wearing a organization coat but it was a dark gray instead of black. Anyway someone give him a check of a RIDICULOUS amount of money but he refused, and throw it at me, witch I didn't keep it I give to my boss because, in that time I remember thinking she needed the money more then me, and hell it was a LOT of money.

BUT because it was HUGE amount of money, the gods didn't like it because it was throwing off the balance and they send a monster to repair that ( AKA destroy everything till its back a new)

We all went outside, where the sun finally peek out of the clouds and melt all the snow in one seconds, me and Elise started to point out the rainbows plaster everywhere until Elise cry out and point at the sky where a giant rainbow, very vivid was there but she keep screaming that the purple crocodile was coming and that we where all gonna die. And yeah the rainbow transform into a purple crocodile and I remember someone saying that to save everyone we needed to climb something that was higher then the crocodile and lfip the switch, to turn off the fire.

So I took the opportunity and climb rows of desk with keyboards and mouses on them, I remember being mad at the Angel cause he could just help me fly up but he disappear to be only there at the last desk, helping me up.

I did flip the switch off, but after that I woke up.

Another one was basically a version of beauty and the beast in a giant gray castle that feel like a maze at night with only the moon as light, it was creepy, very creepy.

In another note, I discover that we can get a book form of our blog and in august, to celebrate my 3 year anniversary with this blog I want to make a copy of it. Probably gonna cost me 60$ but it will have more then a 100 pages. ( just with my 106 reports it end up with 124 pages so I can imagine around 150-160 by the end of august. Maybe more really.)

I'm also soon being done reading the last book of the Hunger game trilogy. The last book isn't as interesting as the first one, and its dragging, but I'm starting to get a new pace in it so I will be able to finish it soon ish. I'm focusing more on writing my novel then reading right now so.

Anyway that is all for this week report, take care!


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