Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Report 103

 I received a letter from the UPEI yesterday ( I think) and it was saying that they where considering my application but it was incomplete and needed both my college and high school transcript, and my resume or a list of activities for what the hell I did during my year off not studying.

I'm scared and excited for this year. I have so much plan. And its a big jump, me and my boyfriend moving to another place, far away from family and friends, starting a new step of life. Him starting his work in the field he studied, me going back to University to study something harder and more interesting then before. Its a huge step for both of us, but at least we be together through it. Scott is supporting me with my decision ( and all my family too, they are all excited for me.)

I'm just scared because  Its something different, in a new place, with barely no friends, far away from family. I'm scared that I wont be able to make the cut for the University, or that the stress will be to much for both of us. But I know its just me thinking the wurst, everything will be fine, even there it will be FUN!

In other news, I sign up for the A- Z blog challenge for April, where everyday minus Sundays I post a report with the theme starting with the letter of the alphabet. Its interesting and will be a great challenge to push my imagination a bit.

I also finally started to read the Hunger Games, I bought the trilogy on my kobo for like..10 buck and when I finish the Happiness project ( witch I learn a lot about being happy with small things around the house) I start it. I'm not that far, everyone say its very good and addictive, but I'm probably not far enough for the addictive part of the series hook me up yet. But it is a good story. I like how she doesn't describe overly things around the characters, because well, the character lived there her whole life, she know how things work, she doesn't have to explain to herself.

I find it funny though, since I started the How to Revise your Novel course, I see a bunch of things that make me think. Like I know a character will be important when she pass a whole chapter, explaining to a character how the MC know that person. I know that some object will be more important and useful in the series when she pass a lot of time to describe said object or make the character keep thinking of it. I learn a lot form that course and I'm very happy about it.

I just watch the episode glee with Michael Jackson tribute and holly crap I want to buy the damn CD. Just for sweet criminal and I'm bad. Good god, it was epic, I love it, I want to watch it again just for those parts. And there is a bunch of books I want too. Novels and the Art off Iron men and Captain America. More Iron men thought. Anyway, I have nothing more to say so take care,


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