Monday, January 30, 2012

Report 102

I want to Staples today to send a fax and I was like  :

"You know what, the back to school crap is 75% off, I gonna grab some stuff for Uni like that I be ready."

So I did. For 15 Buck in total I got:

- 10 clear front report covers (5 green, 5 light blue)
- 5 pack of quad squares pads. ( need for a book project actually not really for Uni.)
- 2 really awesome notebook. witch owls and twitter birds on it XD
- 2 pack of Christmas card ( other project for this year Christmas. It glitters :D)
- a Monster high pencil case.
- a pack of green ink pen (12)
- a little pouch to hold my extra change, cause the change is breaking my wallet. ( and I need a new wallet anyway.)

and my fax.

I didn't get pain line paper, because 1. they didn't sell in in Clarence, 2. I have a lot already here XD

I could get more really, but what I really wanted was already out. I could have grab the 50% off voice recorder, but I didn't want too, plus there was bad reviews on it. I like to pay a lot for an electronic and know it will work, then pay 50% off and it will only work half the time. NO. I need that for my classes.

What I want to do is record the lectures and transcript them after. I can't listen and write in the same time, I get confuse and will miss have the lecture, I prefer to listen and write later. I am only a part time student so I wont have as much work as the others so I can take the time to do it, and in the same time doing it that way I will remember it the most.

I probably will be a full time after a while, but I'm still unsure on how things work, the infokit does not really explain how courses works at the university ( they need a booklet or something that explain the difference of full time and part time, witch one benefit the most in certain classes, and when your a first year, what is the classes you should take for certain courses, if there is labs or coop classes etc...)

Anyway that was what I wanted to say :D My awesome shopping time, and it was all under my limit of spending too :D

Take care


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  1. Nice score on the sale! You are listed near me for the A to Z blog challenge so I am going to follow you during the challenge. I am new to all of this but I'm looking forward to it.