Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Report 98 realization week

 I was talking to a costumer today and it made me realize something. I never say happy new years during the beginning of January or a new year, because in me its not a new year but just the end of a great break and holiday. New year for me is in September, when school start. We've been in schooling for 13-16 years of my life, I got use to it as when school start it was a new year, with new friend, teachers, materials, bullies, Everything.

I learn, subconsciousness that a new year is when you start a new grade, because everything will be different then the last time I was there. So , really what I'm getting at, it will take me a long time until I get out of my mind set that September is a new Year, because now I don't go to college, Scott is in his last year so soon, I will have to get use to celebrate new years, when I change or get a new resolution, taxes coming, winter is raging and all the Jazz.

ON other news, I'm back to revising my novel in a tight scheduler. I was able to catch up fast, I'm on lesson 5 and doing great. I learn that, I rewrote the novel with the wrong or bad changes in mind. I basically rewrote the novel for nothing ( for better explication see: StephTalk - day 10 ) and or shouldn't need to rewrite it in the first place. But in a way its okay, since the first first draft I wrote it as a stress relive in my last term of college so a lot was just... nothing, but the core idea was still great and still make me say: I want to write this story, I want people to read and enjoy this story.

SO I am finish up this revision anyway, but with my good intention of the first first draft in mind. Like I said in day 10 video blog, I bought some clear top duo tangs and place the hand written first draft in there, in 4 part of the story arc. There was more arc, but basically me dividing them as: good, bad, okay, better  parts XD

Its the first week of back to college for scott, everyone ( teacher included) are making sure he doesn't do anything stupid because he still have some fatigue in the middle of the day. To much going on and his heart have a hard time taking it, but he know and is taking thing very lightly.

For one of his class, they join up and decided to make one bigass group to make a project, and he was appointed as the lead 3D artist. Which is great, and not in the same time. Great because it mean he be focus mostly on paper work, making sure his group does their job and answer if they have question. Bad is that he wont be able to make any modles. Good again because he wont have the stress of  being in time to hand in things, but bad because he will be stress if someone doesn't do their job. Its a love hate relationship.

We have an apointment on the 30 to go see the doctor to see if he still have to take the medicine. He say it feels more like he broke some ribs then anything and that he have more pain when he sneeze.

I also ( randomly changing the subject), received a call form the student loan people, they are have been working on my file and said that I just need my pay slip of this month as a proof that I don't make a lot, and its a good coincidence, because now that the holiday rush is over my hours as been cut IMMENSELY. I am down to less then 10 hours. I wont be able to live on that much, so I have to say good bye to my idea of birthday gift for Scott because I will have to save every penny I have to be able to survive a bit. When I be moving I may get a better position for now at the store, and I be much further on my novel, so I have calculated by the end of this year I will have my book soon to be ready, I think in year 2013 it will be ready to be send out to publication so I really can't wait and am working very hard on that. If I can get some money on the side with that it would be super great.

I also finish watching well catching up on the series Bones, and now notice that netflix have charmed, so I'm watching at least one episode a day, so when I'm having lunch or super.

Now except of that nothing new, except of revising my novel really, and the lack of hours. ( I ask for more, but she said that I couldnt because she couldn`t find more hours then they can give. SOmehting under that line, I`m tired.)

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