Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Report 97 A-Z blogfest challenge

Things are going back to normal here. I'm doing okay with my daily video blog, even if I feel awkward all the time because I really don't have anything to say to the camera but it will pass when things get more interesting when we be moving down to where ever.

I also decided to participate to the A-Z blog challenge in April, I still have to register but it only start at the end of this month so I'm fine. I've been interest to do some blogfest for a while but never knew how the hell they work, and the A-Z challenge sounds fun and interesting. Yeah it would mean I have to write a report daily AND keep up my daily video blog.


Scott thinks I wont be able to keep up my daily video blog. Its too early to know yet, or to have a habit of filming, but I want to proof to him I can keep this one up. I tried long time ago, when this blog was still on the name of Zenxara, to have a writing daily project, being for 20 minute, to just write my newest dreams, things that came to mind  but didn't make sense. It last for two weeks, but then I want down to visit my family one week-end and it was broken. I forgot to do it for the whole week end. Well I know I didn't forget, I was afraid to go and do it in front of my parents or family because they would have ask what I was doing then and just bring my confidence I build carefully all down in the drain.

I didn't want that, I still don't but now I'm not afraid, I have like three novel I finish writing, and two-three short stories, I can write. Not well, but I still can, I think I have great stories to tell and someday, in a year or two I will be publishing it.

I start to bring my novel work to, well work. I brought work to work XD During my lunch break I can do a few page in 30 minute. I work on more page yesterday in 30 minute that I manage in a full day off last Monday.

Scott is doing better, he tried to stop taking the medicine, since it been 2 weeks now, but last night his hear did a small jump feeling and it hurt, so he took some. But I guess he just have to take less medicine now, gradually go down until he is healthy again. He is fine that's for sure, he bought a new game the 007 glodeneye one with a gun for his PS3 and trust me, he was fine acting like a happy puppy, it was cute.

Yesterday was our movie date, we went to go see Sherlock Holmes:Game of shadows. It was interesting, I still dont like RD junior to be as Sherlock, ever since I saw Benedict as Sherlock I can't unsee, he is the perfect Sherlock, RD is Tony. I kept seeing Tony Stark in the movie.

Scott didn't like it by the way it ended, I was fine, since thats how the book finished. I also, two day ago I donated some of my books I had to the local library, and I meet the librarian at my work, she was on her way to the library then and didn't know about the bag, but she was very happy and glad about my donation. It made me happy to know I did something good. Its like I donate most of my discard clothing that doesn't fit or didn't like or never wore. There is a shop down town that accept clothing so I went there and donated two to three huge bags, just seeing there face was priceless. I'm happy, just thinking of it, that I did a good thing. I never though of it that way before, before I just wanted to get ride of it because it was taking some spaces, but now its different. Those clothing are given to people and children who can't afford it.

Those books, I give it to this particular library because they didn't have much, plus they use most of their budget to fix the roof. I had great books, some that I didn't even read that they could use more then me. I had one, I could have sold it for 40 bucks if I wanted, there was the skeleton creek series ( minus the last one.) brand new, with plastic cover.

All in great condition, one sign by the author. Not  a lot of people think of donating there books to their local library, maybe sell them for a quarter at a yard sell, having a small profit yeah, but not giving them for free to a place no one barely goes to.

When I told my boyfriend my plan, he asked me if the library accepted donation, I just look at him, with a are-you-kidding look. Everybody love free stuff, even books.


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