Friday, January 27, 2012

Report 101, collection

I'm reading in the Happiness project the part where she is trying to find a collection of some kind, in the book she post a few reply of people collections that she had on her blog, and it made me think, what is mt collection?

Easy answer, My rocks. Ever since I was a kid ( still do now) when ever we would travel or have a vacation somewhere, I would look down and find the perfect rock that display my memory or emotion of the place we where visiting and I would pick it up, clean it with my hands, and place it in my pocket. I have  a box full of it, some are soft, some are huge , some are colorful and more. And time to time, I would sit on my bed, the box open in front of me and I would pick one rock at a time, feeling the ruffness and the shape on my figure and remember exactly why I pick that one up, where it was and when.

They are more then just collection for me, they are keeping a piece of good memory. Happy memory. I love to find different and odd rocks. My family would give discard rocks to me because they know I would be interest in them. I don't collect the rare ones much. I do have some quartz or peridot in a bottle, but just for the color or the cool feeling of it.

I remember so many time where My mother would trow the box outside because it was just junk in her mind and it would piss her off, because it was just... there ( middle of the room most of the time, you had to stride over it  ) but every time, I would take a new box and pick them up again, and again. She stop throw it now, because I told her how important the rocks are to me. I showed her how the rocks work, I pick one up and told her exactly what happen when I got that one, where we were, when and what. She was so surprise that she would just, move the box to a more... safety place instead of throwing it out.

Now, in the present, its in a corner in my room, between the wardrobe door and a wall, got a another ( bigger) box and place my rocks I pick up from my college life. I still have to find a good one to remember this year, usually the perfect rock pops in front of me in the spring. This year, it will be my last year living in this apartment after 4 years living in it. I have very fond memories that I don't want to forget, so the best way for me to remember, find the perfect rock, and let my memory flow in it to for ever remember.

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