Thursday, February 23, 2012

Report 106

I didn't forget yesterday, I was just very tired and I couldn't concentrate long enough to say everything I  wanted to say in this week report.

So yes, I have a lot to say today! One of the biggest thing is, I won 100 buck a La Senza shop! Last week I won a book by a giveaway this week I won a gift card I was soo happy I gleed all the way to the restaurant to meet Scott XD I still have it, I want to wait until there is a huge special before I spend it, like that I can get more of its worth.

The other thing is, I accept one of my sister proposition ( don't remember if I said it on an older report) that I would at least try and work as a game programmer for a while just to really see if I don't like it, so when Scott came back from a lecture a few day back, he brought some paper to apply at a work place in Fredericton and it made me remembered, that the same people form that place where dying to hire me but because I was stuck here for another year they never mind it, so I'm working ( planning really) on a new portfolio to apply there basically asking if they are still interest to hire me.

I have to restart a new portfolio, starting from scratch with everything new, since all my old stuff, is ether gone with my USB dying on me last month, or unfinished saved in my hard drive, so I just shrug it off and took out my old notes, and book I used to self teach myself and plan other games.

While I was on planning my new portfolio, Scott tried for two weeks to download his programs on his computer, and dear god it took both of our computer, to be able to have a running software. Every time we would download the programmer ( not only would it take 5 hours) right at the last second it would get interrupted, or when it was done there was file missing or corrupted it was such a pain in the ass, and I wasn't too happy about the service they give me online.

I aslo was thinking, of doing some book reviews myself, since half the blog I'm falling is book reviews blog, because I;m interest to know whats new and good out there, but for that I need to know what is coming out, new and get a copy, where money is really tight and even if  go to the library by the time I get a copy, I would have move away three time. Its that slow. So its only an idea throw in the air for now, until I get my shit together.

The apartment is in a total mess, I've been working odd hours all week, tomorrow is my day off ( thank god) but there is like 25% chance of me being call to go to work, because the guy working tomorrow called sick a few days back so don't know if he be feeling better or not.

And I've been having does weirdest dream that make me more tired when I wake up then when I fall asleep. I can't make up most of it, only the feeling of action and adrenaline pumping in my vain, heart racing, I feel light on my feet and really fast,  and always in the air, or above everyone like I'm on top of houses or  buildings, but I can't make out the scene, just the feeling that if I don't get out of there soon, the bad guy will catch me so I'm using some kind of feline skills to save my skin.

ON those notes, I started my revision back, I felt a bit lost the past month, like I wasn't sure anymore what I wanted because of how the revision was showing me how everything was bad, but I guess those odd dreams made me realize, subconsciously that everyone is bad on their first time and going through the same process as me and the only way for me to make it better is to finish the revision, find everything that I miss and done incorrectly and understand the why I should do it differently. Why I should know more about certain characters or world more then others, why I give that name to that character and all that.

That and you know I bought a new charger for my laptop so I can write away from all source of my procrastination. It may help, just saying. :P

That's all I wanted to say, ho no wait I lied, I am also planning my calender of topic for the A-to Z blog challenge and most of my topic will be about writing, or my old stories, where those stories made me who I am really. I have a few letters in so when I get the time to actually place them on paper I will post a page about it, so now take care!


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