Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Report 105

A few things happen to me this week.

One of the biggest ones is : HOLLY SHIT I WON A GIVEAWAY WHHHAAAT??!

but yeah, I participated a few week ago in some giveaway hop and in one blog I won! here is the blog, its called Literary Junkie and I will receive Everneath by Brody Aston One more book to place on my reading list. I still didn't finish Monkingjay and I bought One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. Ho and I still have the Olympians second series by Rick Riordan to read, I bought it beginning of December and still didn't touch it.

I was pretty busy with Scott being sick and my novel. I'm still taking a break from my writing. As much as I want to work on it, I'm still battling inside of me to continue the revising or start fresh again. But what I think I will do is continue the two next lesson I'm at to see what I will need to change or fix in my novel world and characters then I will get my notes together and build a much better story, the story I've been trying to tell since the beginning.

Yesterday was Valentine day, and I can tell you I did nothing special except grocery shopping? does that count? Well Scott did bought me flowers ( cause I ask with pretty eyes) and I got him a Pizza stone pan to cook in oven.

Its funny that all the gift I give him ( except the Tablet for his birthday) is cooking related. I got him some utensil that he liked the best, a bigger pot, roster, and now the stone pizza pan. Really. Is there something wrong with me? No, I don't think so, its something he likes and really I have no flipping idea what to give to the guy as gift in the first place.

Think about that, I have a the bad habit of: "if its my problem and about me, I will take care of it myself". Well for the past two weeks, I build up to much and I guess became distant to Scott, I didn't notice, be he felt like I wasn't there anymore so one night after we bicker and went to bed, I apologies, and he ask me what was wrong, and told me everything, my habit and that he was afraid to lose me just like I'm scared to lose him.

It was the first time where someone actually ask me about my problems, or my worries, usually when I cry and get scared, my mom just say to tough it or try to help by saying the wrong things. ( Not her fault, she just try to hard sometimes) I cry and told him all my worry, on how I have no idea what I want to do in my life, on how I'm scared about going back to University and how no one believes in me and think I can't write for shit because they judge by my french texts .(still holding that one, so not fair.)

On just how scared I am. And he listen and I really loved that, he was there for me, he was the one who told me how he knew I want to be a writer. Its just... nice. I feel much better after we talk and I well, vent. He vent also, it was just something we both needed. In all our three years together its the first time where we both talk so deeply about our concern.

I probably not going to do it again, until I crack.But the fact that he is behind me all the way is great to know. Finally someone who understand and will support me I guess.

ON other news, more up then the all talking about feeling crap. I'm considering dropping my StephTalk project. As much as I want, its not for me. I have nothing amazing to say except food, sleep, work and Scott. Its boring and really I was only doing that because I wanted to be like the other writers I saw who do videoblogs. But then I remembered. I'm not like them, I have nothing to say, why taking my time to do something that I don't even like, or force myself to do it in the first place.

So I'm thinking of dropping it temporary. I will probably keep it and post time to time just in case I have something AMAZING to say to the world. Or just bring it here or something.... naaah.

On better news, I got a new hair cut. It was hilarious, I just wanted to stop at the mall to find if the new Monster High dolls was out ( I'm looking for the kitty cat one, and maybe the "make your own monster" skeleton one.) when I walk in front of a Hairdresser salon. I got in, ask if there was a slot for me and wait for the hairdresser to come back. When she came and started to wash my hair she ask me what I wanted to do today.
" I'm not sure " I said
" Then how can I help you then? I can't do anything if you don't know." She said, I look around and point ot a book of hair style and ask if I could see that for a second. I open the book , flip a few page and found something I liked and point to that picture and ask to have that.

30 minute and 20 buck later, voila~ Back to short, no frilly perm hair. Scott is iffy about it, but then I bought a new lingerie so he is fine XD 

Well that's it for now, I have a few more thing to work on, I want to get ready I have a feeling that I be back to my revising tomorrow ( day off) even if my best friend is stopping by for a few second. I want to clean and make things back to my happy state.

So take care!


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  1. Hi Steph! I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge list to get a head start on finding some great new blogs. Nice to meet you! I totally get the need to take a break from the wip, especially at certain times...And ever time I approach mine, whether it's been a day or a month off, I get tremendous fear and anxiety. Until I get back into it and then I'm fine!