Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Report 110 script writing

I want to the library yesterday, to pick up and give back a book, when I saw a flyer on their desk. It was about a work shop, a local writer was giving, saying if you always wanted to write a book then here's your chance, blah blah blah. At first I was like: I should go there I want to be a writer. But then it morph to: "wait I'm a writer, and the author is probably one of the BIGILLION* who wrote about the Maritime. Again. BUT THEN I was like.... does she know about NaNoWriMo GASP I should totally promote NaNo and be totally awesome.

all that in like...5 second, no kid. It falls on the 31 in the afternoon, I'm still debating to go since I just really want to get ready for ScricpFrenzy ( and the blog challenge) But it only on the afternoon, not the night so I be fine, in a way. and I'm going to write a few of my blog post in advance for the blog challenge like that it will give me some free time to work on my script.

I got the "save the cat!" book on scrip writing and I only read the first chapter but I am so surprise on how it sound ( and it is) just like the tips Holly Lisle gives me on her course. "The log line" in the book is made to explain what the movie is about, while "The Sentence" is a 30 word less explication of what the book is about. Its the same concept. "What is it ?"

I didn't want to buy the book yet ( that and I'm kinda broke), I wanted to know if it would be a good one about script writing, and really I think I will buy it just for the fact that it is so similar to writing novel, and that he doesn't buttercup everything. Basically say: " if you suck, witch you do, here and how to be better, but I'm not responsible for you to still suck".

Also the weather here is trolling us, for the past two days it was soo beautiful outside, you didn't even need coat, at all. But we all know it wont last so everyone is like rushing to enjoy it until its over. But it been a year now, since I place my computer in this room, where I open the blind to let the sunlight inside. The first time since a very long time, that I'm all awake and full of energy because I'm not working through the damn yellow light of my light bulb. Its great. Blinding at time, but great.

I think it was Friday? Yeah Friday, that the new iPad came out? Well I bought it ( got the money back) for my sister, and when they came down, I lend my kobo to her because she wanted to read the hunger game trilogy, yesterday she text me saying if I had all the books, cause she was starting the second one now. I text back saying yeah.

She ask me if the book end well... I say it ends differently from other books...XS She is probably starting the last book right now ( we read fast.)

HO GOD I JUST REMEMBERED! Gini Koch Alien Diplomacy comes out in April! God dammit, this coming moth is getting more and more pack as the day pass. But I know that I will finish the script in like, two weeks like it happen to NaNo. Even with work in between, but I have mostly night shift for a bit because we are training a new girl on the cash. Girl who is supposedly the one going to replace me later XD since she is bilingual also. But anyway, mostly night shift so I can work most morning witch is the time I am most efficiency. And I download Celtx and played around a bit, its a great writing tool for different scrip type and novel also!

I don't use ( well mostly I can't) any software for novel experience, I like to have all my notes and index card in hand then virtual. I write on normal Microsoft word. I tried once, to use a novel tool on the computer but I don't like on how I have to search, or even click on a tab to see my notes, character sheets, and the index cards. I like to just, turn my head and its there on my table next to me, I don't have to stop writing for take my hands away from the keyboard, everything is at a glance away.

Anyway, I have to go eat and work on my script preparation now, take care!


* I do know its not really a word, but I like the sound of it XD

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