Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Report 128: Land of Stories

Report 128: Land of Stories


I went to chapter on the 17 and got the Land of Stories by Chris Colfer ( I check only 3 days later and I'm still the only one who bought it. Sad).  There was a lot of special and was lucky enough and didn't buy like...everything. I  was holding myself back, cause really I don't even have place to put the books I bought. I got Artemis Fowl: the Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer (5$!!) and a huge fairy tale book ( 10$). More books to place on my reading list. But I made a promise to my boyfriend and myself really, that I will read Games of Throne in one go, and when I will finish it we can watch the TV show base on the book. Scott love the TV show and wants me to watch it with him, so It will make him happy.

except for that I played Minecraft with a add on that I can capture pokemon and they help me battle monsters, its totally fun. I wrote and prepare for the 7 portal project, I got a bit more to write before I start scanning and get the first step ready for posting. I have like close to 20 pages already. I have to explain how I work, and how everyone will be different in the just gathering information stage.

Ho that remind me, talking about my story, Scott is a 3D modeler, a environmental 3D modeler, so I convince him ( and if he wants), to use my world, the world the story will be in, as practice for his portfolio, so I will have really 3D Image for my world :D I give him The White forest first, since its the one I have most detailed.

That's all for the news!


I actually did a lot more progress this week. I have written at least 3/4 of the story. But you can see for the start that I was trying to keep the story from when I was a kid, but the  more I moved forward in the story the more the character aged, the more the danger became more... terrifying. There is still some elements of when I saw the story when I was a kid. It just evolve to make more sense. I only  have trouble with the villain. He is just...never there. But I keep in mine that the character is always risking your life with flesh eating mermaids, giant frost monsters, ear piercing screeching wolf, and others.


Land of Stories by Chris Colfer. I read it in 2 days. I'm actually surprised it last that long. I'm actually surprised that I read it at all!When I got it on the day of its release ( yesterday 17 of July) It was like a dream. I could really believe it. Even before I got to bed I had it in my hand and I just... It felt like a dream, like any minute now I would wake up and I would still be in college living with my best friend, instead of being here, waiting for University to start, with Chris fucking Colfer book in my hand.

Chris Colfer is one of my biggest inspiration, my roll model and idol. He is a great men, sweet with full of passion for what he do and love. Which just happen that what he do is what he love the most. I bought the book to support him, I read the book because I'm geniousely curious of his writing, and I enjoyed every single second of it.

for the right start I could feel the characters pain, their emotion. Every little secret that he reviel to the character and us, made me want to read more, to never let go ( which you know I did, If it where for me I would have finish it yesterday but I had to go to bed in normal hours since I work today), the question poping in my head and I just wanted to know the truth, why. Who is he, what are they, how its going to fold out.

And its not until I finish the book that all the question got answers. and it surprised me soo much, it wasn't what I expected at all, and I love that. He was able to hide the truth from us until the very end. He was able to grab us with his word and witty characters until the very beginning.

I can usually know how a story will end because thing start to became predictable, but Chris Colfer surprised me, it made me cry in emotion ( making my boyfriend looking at me weirdly). I enjoy the book, and would recommended to anyone. Its a very well made book.

What book, you where so sure you knew the answers, but got so surprised at the end?

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