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Report 127 International Blogging

Report 127: International Blogging


 I start taking the class by Jeff Goins called International Blogging, basically it's a 12 week course to help build a blog and get lots of traffic. (If interest for the free class click here , yes it is 100% FREE)

I'm only only at the second lesson right now and he ask me ( us) to brainstorm a subject, something we are passionate about, something we can do for hours end and never get bored or sick of it. When I read that, the first thing that pop out in my mind was Imagination. Not writing like I though it would be the right answer, but the source off all writing, Imagining the story in place first. I love just lying down and see a epic journey behind my eyelid. I love daydreaming ( huge source of nearly failing school, oupss), I love trying to remember in detail my dreams to write it down. I love to watch movies for the their story, or just engross in a novel for the journey.

For hours on end I love to do nothing but imagine stories.

Now He ask us question trying to find the focus on what we want to bring to our blog, what we want our blog to be really. But I got a blank, I don't really understand how I get to one part to the other. How can I divided Imagination in sub group? I love doing it, but writing about it? How can you write a process on Imagination? really.

I used this blog for 3 years now as a source for me to lay down my though and find what I want to do in my life. But I still don't know. Or well I'm not sure. If it was up to me I would be a house wife. But I don't like doing chores much.I like writing, I really do, but to be honest, It been months I didn't touch my revision and I didn't even start the 7 portal project. Its in my mind and I feel guilty every time I put it aside to do something else, it's like... I feel like its not my priority at all. I tried to work on my laptop, I usually do a lot of work on my laptop, but its dying, it took just like 10 minute to open the word document, and every time I was writing 3 to 5 words it would freeze up and I kept getting panic attacks wondering if I would be losing my work or if it was going to crash. So I stop working on my laptop, trying to think of a way to fix it, but its in the back of my head for now, my focus is trying to find what motivate me to write, to stop dreaming about doing it, and actually doing it.

Wow that sounds a lot like lesson 1 of How to Think Sideways. I should dig this up, may help me.

Its really frustrating because I really, really want to work but I freeze up every time my hand are near the keyboard( Took me 3 days to write THIS report!).

The Four THINKING Barriers ( all right to Holly Lisle)
SAFE never starts,
PERFECT never finishes,
VICTIM never acts,
FEEL never thinks.

And here is my problem, safe and victim ( thank you Holly). I'm going to read through the lesson tonight and get my shit together like that tomorrow I will be able to work on my projects.

/crack neck and roll shoulders/ Lets do this.

Wish me luck!


I got the idea for the 7 portals story, I just have to get my shit together and work on it. I was able to devided and figure out my process on how I bring a idea to full fruition then write it. I was able to make it in small 7 steps ( small HA).


I visit the Chapters in the town I live now ( HO GOD THEY HAVE A CHAPTERRRS sooo happpy) and was able to find The element of style by William Strunk jr, and E.B. White. I'm taking my time to read and understand the process of writing. Its a great little book, I am really happy that I bought it. It was recommended to me many time but I just didn't want to buy it online, I though that if I find it someday I would take it. And I am happy about my decision. Would it have help me earlier? Perhaps. But probably not, its only now that I am in the mind set of really wanting to understand and learn. If I would have got it earlier it probably be lost in my book shelves and I wouldn't be thinking of it now.

I am taking notes of it, in a little green book that I bought. Its purse size so I'm caring it with me at all time. I'm learning slowly,more like, I'm understanding. I only have it for a few days and I'm not very far through it but thats okay because I want to understand, I dont want to skim it and try to remember later.

Would I recommended? Yes, total yes.

If you see it in the reference section, take it, its worth the 10 buck.

What book did, surprisingly, help you? What subject?

for me:

  • The Element of Style by William Strunk jr and E/B White.
  • How to Revise your Novel by Holly Lisle ( all courses now sold on Amazon)
  • No plot? No problem! by Chris Baty
Anxiety attacks:
  • The Secret to Teen Power by Paul Harrington (better explication)
  • Happiness project by Gretchen Rubin
  • Little ways to KEEP CALM and CARRY ON by Mark A. Reinecke, PH.D.

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