Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Report 131: first day at University

Hey I'm alive! :D

I just didn't post much since there is absolutely nothing new that happen the last few weeks. But now there is!

I started my classes at the University! Today was the first day, I got my books ( 300$!! Jesus), and meet the teachers. Yesterday I ordered my Macbook through Staples, by the time they will receive it I will receive my loan so its awesome.

3 years ago, I started this blog, to vent and remember my assignment in college, it sort off merge into a blog about my opinion and track of what I want to do in life. Well now its back to keep track and vent about my classes.

I only have two class each semesters: English 101, and Psychology 101

The English class is small, 25 student in it, it was cozy, the teacher told us what we should expect during this semester and its a lot of writing, which I totally happy about!  The Psychology class....we were 209 people in it. It was amazing, and the teacher was amazing, I can't wait to get into that class, its just..blow my mind out I love and am interest to listen and understand all the part of the human brain.

I also been revising my novel lately, Its going slowly, but I am really impress by the work and how much more interesting it is now. I was surprised on how the red pen everywhere didn't make me have a panic attack like usual but more like " FUCK YEAH I'M A WRITER" feeling XD

everything is kind of pilling up in my life, revising, classes, and work. Well work is still giving me 20plus hours, if its still like that next week I have to ask for less hours unfortunately since I need to study, and work on assignments. I'm not even sure if I be able to do NaNoWriMo this year D: I have like a huge research paper due in the end of November, well in the whole November we work on that so, with my  nonexistence of ability doing research papers, I want to focus on that, but if I can make it as a fiction story, fuck yes I'm doing nano.

all in all, the class look promising, I'm very interest in the Psychology class, its like, everything I was interested to know about and the Writing class I will FINALY have good feed back on my writing. Instead of pity looks and blame on my lack of understanding the grammars structure in English. Well, if you would tell me why its wrong and how to fix it for future reference I would probably stop.Maybe not. But at least I would know and keep it in my laundry list! ( Laundry list is a list of things when working on a novel to keep track off like that it keeps the story consistence .)

Anyway, yeah, I can't wait to see how it goes. I will have to limit my internet use now ( damn you tumblr, stealing all my time and life) but I will try and summit a few reports on how things going.

take care! :D


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